Steve smith and Virat Kohli have contrary views on the Ranchi Pitch.

Ranchi pitch
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Ranchi pitch
The view of the Ranchi pitch. Picture credits:

Making its debut as the test venue, The Ranchi pitch will have a lot to offer to the finest of the teams aiming the Border Gavaskar trophy. Having squared the series 1-1 so far, the teams go paralleled. But the two skippers differed in opinion regarding the role of Ranchi pitch on the result.

Virat Kohli
Indian skipper Virat Kohli during the press conference.
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Indian skipper Virat Kohli said that pitch is not the only factor influencing the results of the sport. He believes that external factors do have an impact on an individual’s performance. According to him, the weather conditions affect the nature of the pitch and decide the pitch demeanour. In certain hot and humid conditions the pitch offers reverse swing that helps the pace bowlers to have an impact on the game. He also said that the mental conditions of a player also changes his game. Once someone starts playing under pressure, he will be miles apart from his natural game and cannot express himself freely.


Steve Smith
Australian skipper Steve Smith during the press conference.
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However Kohli’s counterpart, Steve Smith went the other way in his views for the pitch’s role on the outcome of the test match. The Australian skipper believed that the pitch’s condition can be of prime importance and should not be ignored. Smith believed that one has to adapt to the pitch behaviour and play accordingly. The only centurion in the series so far and one of the consistent batsmen, Smith has shown maturity to play cautiously and according to the nature of the pitch.

With the Pune pitch being rated “poor” and the Bangalore pitch as “below average”, the Ranchi pitch will have a lot more to offer in this series. The pitch appeared dry and had no traces of grass on it. The groundsmen had been busy watering the pitch and got the covers on to ensure that the Ranchi pitch is refrained from intense sunlight. Smith believes that the pitch will be fine for the first day with proper bounce, but might start breaking up as the game progresses.


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