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Steve Waugh: Kohli will go down as an all-time great

Steve Waugh: Kohli will go down as an all-time great

Virat Kohli celebrates at the MCG

Legendary Australian skipper and veteran batsman Steve Waugh loaded heaps of praises on the Indian skipper Virat Kohli by calling him the best in the world and backed his style of aggressive cricket.

He also urged his son Austin to take a leaf out of Kohli’s book and try to learn from his technique and temperament.

Kohli recently escorted India to a Test series triumph in Sri lanka, a feat no Indian captain had achieved since 1993. He also had a decent run as a skipper in Australia, scoring three tons and averaging a staggering 86.50 .

Clearly this speaks volumes of Kohli’s abilities as a player altogether and dedication towards the game.

“I think he is probably the best batsman in the world,” Waugh told The Mumbai Mirror.

“Technically, he is fantastic. I have a 16- year-old son and I have told him ‘if you need someone as your role model, I think he should be Virat Kohli’. He should aspire to play like him.

“I like aggression in players, if it can be controlled. Sometimes, Virat crosses the line a little bit but I like his passion.

“Virat Kohli will go down as an all-time great. I think (Ajinkya) Rahane will also get into that category.”

It’s quite an honour to be called the best by one of the best in the business. Steve Waugh who himself was a veteran when it came to batting and captaincy, lost only nine games as a test captain which is quite an unbelievable feat considering any circumstances.




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