Steven Gerrard ‘not happy’ with Raheem Sterling

July 11, 2015 11:42 am

Raheem Sterling has received a lot of criticism lately, specially from Liverpool fans, but he might just have received it from biggest of them all, Steven Gerrard.

The former club captain who just departed from the club to play for L.A. Galaxy in the MLS is not happy with the way the 20-year old is handling his current situation with the club.

Sterling missed training for second consecutive day, citing health issues.

But according to reports, the former QPR youth player wants to force his move to Manchester City.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the 35-year old midfielder urged Sterling to show professionalism, in light of the recent drama and tantrums showed by the winger.

“I’m not happy with all that carry-on and I don’t think there’s any need for it. They all need to be men about the situation,” Gerrard said.

“Raheem needs to go in and speak to the owners and to Brendan [Rodgers] himself, tell them what he wants and go about it that way. You don’t have to throw illnesses in and refuse to go on tour.

“There are millions and millions of Liverpool fans around the world who are itching to see Raheem Sterling in a Liverpool kit. So I don’t think it’s fair on them if he is behaving like that.”

It is obvious though Steven Gerrard has left the club, he still deeply cares about Liverpool and its fans and maybe his intervention may lead to a end of a situation that is turning embarrassing for both Liverpool and Sterling.

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