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“The Game’s Still a Piece of S**t”- Dr DisRespect As He Faces Stream Snipers

Published 01/29/2021, 7:00 AM EST

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Over the three years since its release, the relationship between Dr DisRespect and PUBG has changed drastically. Every game that makes it huge in the gaming industry faces an inevitable fall, and PUBG is no exception. Back in the day, the Two Time appreciated the battle royale game and dominated the lobbies. However, things soon got boring and other alternatives like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty Warzone took over.

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Even then, Dr DisRespect playing PUBG is still one of the most entertaining things for his fans. He criticizes the game heavily and constantly calls out a plethora of stream snipers who leave no opportunity to trouble him.

While playing PUBG recently, Dr DisRespect claimed to be the “most stream sniped streamer in the history of gaming.”


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Dr DisRespect installs a ‘stream sniper’ metre

Before entering his first match, Dr DisRespect installed a metre on his screen to keep a count of the stream snipers he would face. He claimed, “I got something else we’re going to put up. It’s like it’s not an excuse, it’s a reality check.”

It comes as no surprise that the stream sniper count and Doc’s anger kept rising with every game. This led to him ranting about PUBG’s current state and how it hasn’t changed at all.


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“The game’s still a piece of s**t. His whole head, I saw the animation. Nothing’s changed. It’s gotten worse,” screamed Dr DisRespect as someone stream sniped him. He further added, “What am I playing man, what the f**k is this game? What is it? I don’t know man, like a nine-year-old can come up with a better combat system than this game. It’s just so one-dimensional, generic, boring, predictable. “

Based on these remarks, it safe to assume that Dr DisRespect will uninstall PUBG yet again. Apparently, he hates the game and its “sluggish” mechanics.


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To lighten up, Doc started playing Call of Duty Warzone and showcased the ‘Violence, Speed, and Momentum’ he’s known for. It is worth noting that the streamer has been eagerly looking for new games to stream, and might even move on from Activision’s battle royale in the near future.

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