“Stop Reading Into This Sh*t” – Nick Kyrgios Teases a French Newspaper

April 13, 2020 8:25 pm

Nick Kyrgios may have displayed his disruptive side on the court but the so-called ‘tennis bad boy’ has a softer side too. He once again showed his big heart by encouraging the World No.225 Noah Rubin on social media. However, he also left a nasty comment while praising Noah.

Rubin has been included in the list of the top 20 influential tennis players. The list has been drawn up by the French newspaper L’Equipe. The American star was added in the list mainly due to the influence of his Behind The Racquet platform on social media.

Although, Rubin was surprised to see his name on the list which was headed by Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, and Novak Djokovic. However, Kyrgios told Rubin that he should feel “worthy” without being on the list.

Nick Kyrgios slams L’Equipe list

Earlier, Kyrgios showed solidarity by delivering essentials to the vulnerable families affected by the coronavirus. In spite of that, the Australian star was not included in the list. Unaffected by it, Kyrgios poked fun at the list as he advised Noah to “stop reading into this shit” and feel worthy from within.

“I want to thank L’Equipe for the honor of even being mentioned on the same page as the 19 other people who “matter most in tennis”. It’s not to brag but shows the effort my team and I give to tennis. I don’t feel worthy but promise to keep working until I do and long past that,” Rubin wrote on Twitter.

“Why would you not feel worthy regardless of making this list or not? You do great work. You are a great tennis player. Stop reading into this shit,” a furious Kyrgios wrote to Noah.

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Regardless of the list, Nick Kyrgios is certainly one of the most influential athletes’ in the world. The Australian star has always stood up during the time of crisis.

Earlier, he kicked off the “Rally for Relief” campaign before the Australian Open in order to raise the relief funds for the families affected by the Australian bushfire. The campaign raised almost $5 million. Moreover, he is now also helping during the global chaos caused by the outbreak of coronavirus.

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