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Lawrence Stroll Shares Updates At Barcelona Will Help Racing Point To Normality

Lawrence Stroll Shares Updates At Barcelona Will Help Racing Point To Normality

Racing Point

Racing Point aren’t exactly having a ball this season. But that said, here’s some food for thought.

For a side that was so troubled as of last year, it can be said that having the team back on its legs for 2019 is, in some ways, a great achievement. But even then, when you are competing at the highest level of Grand Prix racing, you cannot just be competing; you’ve got to get the wheels in motion and score points at every given chance.

In that regard, somewhere Racing Point would feel glad that not only do they have the services of someone like a Sergio Perez- a driver with an experience of 159 Grands Prix starts against his name- but also that in Lawrence Stroll, they have had a fatherly figure, someone who bailed the team out in its darkest hour.

Additionally, Lance Stroll’s talent and natural ability to compete with the best is also a big boost for a side that’s fighting each day and to extract the maximum in the battle at the midfield on the grid.

Racing Point’s 2019 journey, as seen from the four races so far- somewhat disappointing and low key that it may be- has seen Sergio Perez collecting useful points for the side. In the last three races, starting from Bahrain, China, and Azerbaijan, respectively, Perez is stacked comfortably behind the top five on the grid, positioned on six.

But all that said, what hasn’t helped the team one bit is that not once in a single contest has the team managed to break into the top-five performances on the grid. That said, there seems to be some optimism around the corner for the Lawrence Stroll-funded racing marquee.

So what exactly has the leading man-in-charge at Racing Point got to share about the upcoming contest at Barcelona?

Well, here’s what you got to know!

“There will be constant upgrades, we’re now going to be like a normal team.

“When we find something that works, we will be manufacturing it as fast as we can – probably not as fast as the big guys, but as fast as we are capable of – and bringing it to the car.

“So Barcelona is for us a substantial step.”

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