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Summit1g with a Controversial Take on Fortnite, Calls it Not an eSport

Summit1g with a Controversial Take on Fortnite, Calls it Not an eSport

Summit1g on Fortnite

Twitch streamer Summit1g recently shared his views on Battle Royales, specifically Fortnite. The prominent pro-gamer spoke to his viewers about why he didn’t think Fortnite was a true eSport yet. Here’s what he said.

Battle royales are not… They don’t stand true to what we know today, as eSports. You know what I’m saying? There’s not really… I don’t know if it quite gets there for me” 

While expressing his admiration for the game mode, Summit1g made it clear that he believes there is some time left before Battle Royales could become competitive eSports.

It’s cool that we’re, trying new competitive things, it’s badass that people get new jobs, you know what I’m saying? People get new opportunities, mutually beneficial for everybody. But at the same time, there’s not enough that’s changing for anybody, in that field, considering it’s so new, competitive wise.” 

Summit1g shows his respect to Fortnite

Although expressing that he didn’t think Battle Royales were eSports yet, Summit1g expressed his appreciation for Fortnite. He admitted on his stream that understood the benefits of what Fortnite was doing, and that it deserved recognition.

In fact, I would say that the only people who are really crazily changing things is Fortnite. They’re trying pretty bold things, for their competitive scene. Which whether you think or not that it’s good for the game currently, I think it’s probably gonna be good for Battle Royale overall.

He also spoke to the influence Fortnite has as an industry leader, in setting the standard for other Battle Royale games to follow. When they (Fortnite) do find something that works, that clicks, then everyone else starts adopting it. At least they’re thinking outside the box.

This speaks to Fortnite’s influence on eSports, as it has been on the top of competitive gaming for a long time.

Moreover, Summit was quite critical of Call of Duty in this aspect though.

“This Call of Duty is the same as the last Call of Duty, what have they been doing in the tournament formats, what’s really different? 

Summit1g compared what Fortnite and Call of Duty Battle Royale modes were doing to the industry. While being critical of CoD for not innovating, he acknowledged Warzone for its new innovative mechanics. 

The current Modern Warfare is too unpredictable. They’re essentially the same, but the map layout makes that huge of a difference. The Gulag was a pretty dope idea though

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