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Summit1g Warns Valorant Against Following Counter Strike Global Offensive Path

Summit1g Warns Valorant Against Following Counter Strike Global Offensive Path

Around the late 2000s, competitive gaming truly started to take off. As it gained more popularity in the following years, developers started to actively embed themselves into the competitive scene. And soon enough, eSports was no longer niche, but a mainstream industry. Counter Strike Global Offensive is the best example of this.

As of today, competitive events are a huge part of the gaming culture, featuring huge amounts of money. However, there is also an underlying feeling in some sections of the community that it’s disrupting everything else. Summit1g, a former professional gamer, is one of them.

When a game reaches a certain level of popularity, the natural progression these days is competition. There is a simple logic behind this; if the game is popular enough, competitive events will be a success.

Summit1g hopes Valorant does not follow Counter Strike Global Offensive path

In recent times, though, some of the fans are not too happy with the developers because they feel the developers cater to the competitions more than they do to the average fans. This aspect was highlighted, especially, with Fortnite.

A game that started off as a bit goofy and pure fun suddenly became so popular that developers made changes that took into consideration the competitive side of things. The game lost some of its fun-quotient and the casual gamers were left to deal with it on their own.

Summit1g, one of the more experienced streamers, has expressed his wish that the new game, Valorant, does not go down the same road.

Although summit1g called out Counter Strike Global Offensive for doing that, some feel the tactical shooter has always been more favorable as a competitive game rather than for content creation.

I must say, I agree with dev1ce. As a fan, I like watching competitive events under CS: GO rather than content videos. But then again, to each his own.

However, I will say summit1g hit the nail on the head when he said there are just too many events these days.

While both sides have valid arguments, Fortnite has truly exposed the rising trend of favoring competitions. The developers need to take a firm stand for its casual gamers and find a middle ground that works for both sides. Perhaps Valorant can be the pioneer on that front.

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