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Supreme Court furious over N Srinivasan

Supreme Court furious over N Srinivasan

N Srinivasan

The Supreme Court expressed unhappiness over N Srinivasan’s participation in a BCCI meeting on February 8 and has consequently asked him for an explanation for his actions latest by the 27th of February.

On January 22, the Supreme Court had clearly stated that Srinivasan could not contest in the BCCI elections unless he gave up commercial interests in cricket. The apex court ordered BCCI to contest the elections within 6 weeks, but with a number of people having a conflict of interest, many were barred from contesting the elections. Srinivasan’s position as owner of Chennai Super Kings prevented him from contesting the elections.

Aditya Verma, secretary of Cricket Association of Bihar(CAB) had filed a contempt plea after Srinivasan chaired the meeting on Feb 8.

“No decision was taken in the meeting, only the date for the election was fixed”, said Kapil Sibal, Srinivasan’s lawyer. He further added that he had not disobeyed the court’s orders.

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