SypherPK Defends His Stance About Fortnite SBMM Changes

May 12, 2020 3:43 pm

Fortnite battle royale seems to be a constant topic for debate. Epic tried their best with these new updates, and yet, there are some flaws they failed to focus on. Recently, SypherPK and Ninja made a video about SBMM being removed from squads. While the video was quite informational, it raised a lot of speculative eyebrows. Several members of the community started coming at the pros for complaining about everything. 

SypherPK is receiving a lot of hate from the community because of his video. Nevertheless, he is sticking to his point about SBMM needing a tweak and not absolute removal. #fucksypher started trending as people misunderstood his video. Sypher made a video about how AI effectively increased in squads due to SBMM removal. 

Recently, a rumor surfaced that Fortnite might have added SBMM back in squads. This fueled the hate against Sypher, as people started thinking it was because of his video. 

SypherPK holds his ground on Fortnite SBMM issue

Sypher tweeted a video explaining his whole stance, mentioning how hate wouldn’t solve anything. His video about the bots brought up the pertinent issue that over 60-90% in the lobby is AI now. However, the recent rumor spread like wildfire, and it triggered the hate. People have been at it since yesterday with hashtags and videos of their own. 

Sypher mentioned the adverse effect this is going to have in a different tweet. “Glad you’re “wising up,” but you gotta be more careful about what you tweet when you have a platform that can influence young impressionable kids.“This statement was quite self-explanatory and defended his stance perfectly. 

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Is SBMM necessary in the game?

Without any doubt, SBMM is essential in Fortnite. It differentiates between a top-level player and a rank amateur. Suppose a youngster who is just beginning to play the game matches up with elites. That is not fair by any means as it will only discourage new players.

Sypher did mention in his video that he asked Epic to adjust SBMM, not removing it entirely. Moreover, content creators can only influence or suggest, and they are not directly responsible for these changes. Sometimes, people get ahead of things without correctly interpreting meaning. We will have to wait patiently to see whether SBMM gets added in squads or not. 

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