SypherPK Opens Up About Ninja, Dr DisRespect and More

Published 07/08/2020, 7:41 AM EDT

The gaming community had their heads spinning over the past few days with much going around. Meanwhile, 100 Thieves hosted another episode of Courage and Nadeshot show with SypherPK as the guest. Sypher addressed a couple of issues and provided his insights on some raging issues. 


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Guessing what happened to Dr DisRespect

No one has the slightest clue on why Dr DisRespect was banned from Twitch. The popular streamer himself tweeted that he does not know the exact reason. 


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The topic has been heavily discussed among the community and Sypher had his own words to share. 

In the gaming world, secrets are not kept. There are leaks all over there. No deals happen without people knowing the numbers. Whatever it is, it is f***ing insane. My guess is that It is some boring legal stuff but hopefully, it is a little more interesting than that”, SypherPK said. 

Dr DisRespect was previously banned last year for an incident during the E3 event. This time around the ban is said to be permanent. 

The exact picture is still unclear. Doc may or may not come back to the scene.

SypherPK on Ninja

With Mixer shutdown, Shroud and Ninja may be in talks with multiple companies trying to figure things out. Sypher was asked what he would do if he was in their position.

SypherPK said, “Ninja took a big viewership hit when he went to Mixer. Everyone expected that no one is going to retain their viewers when they switch platforms”

Ninja did decline a much bigger Facebook deal for their new platform “Facebook Gaming.” Sypher, however, believes that it is time for Ninja to reclaim his brand.

They have to believe that they are going to make ninja brand worth more than that 60 million and Going to facebook might block them from reaching their full potential”, SypherPK added.

Ninja is capable of capturing the territory. Should he sign a new deal with a new platform, chances are he’d look to regain his fan base first. 

On platform exclusivity

Courage asked their guest if he would join Facebook Gaming if he was offered $10 Million. Their guest couldn’t really answer the question because he is amidst such discussions. 

I can’t answer that cause you know, maybe I want more from Facebook. I’m not playing my cards. But the reality is there is always a number

Sypher further mentions that it is possible to take a huge chunk of money from any of the streaming platforms. Sypher might want more from Facebook to sign a deal 

The streamer is doing well on both of his Youtube channels. He said that he could make his main channel streaming focused and keep the other one for daily uploads. 

One other streamer from Twitch who made a successful transition from Twitch to Youtube is 100T Courage. SypherPK could be well on his way to repeating that history or sign for Facebook.

Sypher also added that going to Facebook is a completely different ‘Mental’ thing. The cap will be a lot lower in the new streaming platform.

Ninja Vs Sypher

Courage had another rattling question to ask. He wanted to know Sypher’s opinion on who was the better Fortnite player between him and Ninja at their peak.

Sypher had two perspective choices to give out. 

“At Ninja’s peak, he reached a much higher level if you put him on the list of top players. But at me peak mechanically speaking, being able to, competitively speaking, aiming wise, I reached a higher skill level than Ninja“, SypherPK said.

Sypher says he put in much time to work his level and calls him the better Fortnite player at peak levels. 


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Ninja had to give a fitting reply. On his Twitter handle, he mocked SypherPK stating his ego is through the roof. 

Sypher gets 4 million subscribers on Youtube and his ego is through the roof 😂🤣😅

Type is SypherPK on youtube, the first term after is "Fashion Show" LOL

— Ninja (@Ninja) July 7, 2020


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Judging the better player is a bit of a hard task and we leave that to you. Who is the better player? SypherPK or Ninja?


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