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SypherPK Theorizes Why Fortnite Is Missing The Element Of Fun

SypherPK Theorizes Why Fortnite Is Missing The Element Of Fun

Fortnite battle royale has been in a state of constant debate regarding in-game issues. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best and most played games on the planet. Epic Games have done their best every time an issue pops up. However, there are certain aspects which no one has control over. 

Recently, SypherPK gave us some much-needed insight into one of these lingering issues. There has been a rapid fall when it comes to Youtubers uploading Fortnite content. There are several reasons behind this, and Sypher logically explained all of them. 

While it is quite saddening to see our favorite Youtuber/content creator not making videos on the game we love, we have to understand their reasons first. Some of the examples Sypher stated are – Ceeday, Fearless. “The most popular content involves them playing with newbies or new players.

Sypher went on to say that it might be because of Skill Based Match Making. 

SypherPK theorizes why Youtubers are not uploading Fortnite content

When we talk about SBMM in this aspect, we have to realize it is a little different. The fun element, which Fortnite was famous for, on which several content creators base their work, is a little off balance. Lately, the game is not as crazy or enjoyable for people who are just starting to play.  

“The current loop pool that we have doesn’t really allow for the crazy, funny moments that we are used to seeing in previous seasons.” 

However difficult it is to hear, it’s still a fact. Fortnite has been missing out on the “crazy, wild factor.” 

The content that Youtubers like Ceeday, Fearless made were out of the ordinary. The items they employed for their content were removed to enhance the competitive nature of the game. “Hopefully, next season, Epic really flexes their creative skill on us and shows us what they are capable of putting into the game. Without necessarily ruining the competitive side.

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The fun element needs to come back 

Fortnite was primarily recognized for this exciting aspect which attracted gamers of all ages. People loved the game because they could do crazy things here, which one couldn’t in other games. The ever-evolving competitive nature of the game has somehow restricted that.  

The elements that were fun in the casual modes did not fit in competitive modes. It inhibited the game, which is why Epic chose to remove them. Sypher went on to say, “This is more like a plea to Epic to bring back the fun items, vehicles.” 

Hopefully, Epic will come up with something to make sure the balance between fun and competition is maintained.

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