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T20I: South Africa Vs England 2nd Match Kept Fans on Edge at All Times

T20I: South Africa Vs England 2nd Match Kept Fans on Edge at All Times

The 2nd match of the 3-day T20I series between South Africa and England unfolded with the equal amount of thrill and anxiety like the 1st match. England fans were clinging onto the hope that they would emerge victorious while the South Africa fans were slightly relaxed knowing a loss would end with a tie.

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However, this T20I match kept everyone’s eyes glued to the field until the very last ball. The last over was probably the most interesting one. South Africa was batting and needed 15 runs in the last over. Tom Curran was delivering the last over of the match.

T20I: The last over

Curran’s first delivery was a slow one which resulted in catching the batsman by surprise. Next, he tried using the same strategy for the 2nd ball. However, it was hurled over the boundary for a clean six. The third ball was another boundary as well, but this time it was a four. At this moment South Africa needed 5 runs from 3 balls and fans on both ends were at the verge of their seats. The 4th and 5th deliveries resulted in single runs.

Finally, South Africa needed 3 runs from 1 ball. Tom Curran was bowling. Bjorn Fortuin, the South African player who hasn’t once batted in T20I, ready to tackle the final ball. Curran delivered a top-class yorker and Fortuin tried to acquire another boundary from it. However, instead of going towards the boundary, the ball went up in the air. Came back down and landed straight into the hands of Adil Rashid. The England fans cheered with glory.

It seems like Tom Curran and Adil Rashid wanted to avenge their dismissals from the 1st match. The way Rashid’s wicket was the last to fall in the 1st match, he ensured he took the last wicket in the 2nd match.

Cricket fans have said that Bjorn Fortuin’s dismissal at the hands of Rashid is extremely similar to India’s victory over Pakistan at the inaugural match of the T20 World Cup. Misbah-Ul-Haq tried to score a boundary by aiming to hit the ball above the players but instead was caught by Sreesanth.

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