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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers

What is Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a life-simulating game developed by Nintendo in 2020. Similar to previous installments in the franchise, New Horizons allows players to customize their island and take on a plethora of fun-filled activities. These include fishing, landscaping, etc.

What are Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

As you undertake your journey in New Horizons, you will begin to come across a variety of sentient animals. These are the villagers on your island and you can interact with them to enhance your Animal Crossing experience.
During your time on New Horizons, you will even be able to invite new villagers, become best friends with your favorites and, get rid of the ones you dislike.

Different Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Admiral♂ CrankyBirdJanuary 27th
Agent S♀ PeppySquirrelJuly 2nd
Agnes♀ SisterlyPigApril 21st
Al♂ LazyGorillaOctober 18th
Alfonso♂ LazyAlligatorJune 9th
Alice♀ NormalKoalaAugust 19th
Alli♀ SnootyAlligatorNovember 8th
Amelia♀ SnootyEagleNovember 19th
Anabelle♀ PeppyAnteaterFebruary 16th
Anchovy♂ LazyBirdMarch 4th
Angus♂ CrankyBullApril 30th
Anicotti♀ PeppyMouseFebruary 24th
Ankha♀ SnootyCatSeptember 22nd
Annalisa♀ NormalAnteaterFebruary 6th
Annalise♀ SnootyHorseDecember 2nd
Antonio♂ JockAnteaterOctober 20th
Apollo♂ CrankyEagleJuly 4th
Apple♀ PeppyHamsterSeptember 24th
Astrid♀ SnootyKangarooSeptember 8th
Audie♀ PeppyWolfAugust 31st
Aurora♀ NormalPenguinJanuary 27th
Ava♀ NormalChickenApril 28th
Avery♂ CrankyEagleFebruary 22nd
Axel♂ JockElephantMarch 23rd
Baabara♀ SnootySheepMarch 28th
Bam♂ JockDeerNovember 7th
Bangle♀ PeppyTigerAugust 27th
Barold♂ LazyCubMarch 2nd
Bea♀ NormalDogOctober 15th
Beardo♂ SmugBearSeptember 27th
Beau♂ LazyDeerApril 5th
Becky♀ SnootyChickenDecember 9th
Bella♀ PeppyMouseDecember 28th
Benedict♂ LazyChickenOctober 10th
Benjamin♂ LazyDogAugust 3rd
Bertha♀ NormalHippoApril 25th
Bettina♀ NormalMouseJune 12th
Bianca♀ PeppyTigerDecember 13th
Biff♂ JockHippoMarch 29th
Big Top♂ LazyElephantOctober 3rd
Bill♂ JockDuckFebruary 1st
Billy♂ JockGoatMarch 25th
Biskit♂ LazyDogMay 13th
Bitty♀ SnootyHippoOctober 6th
Blaire♀ SnootySquirrelJuly 3rd
Blanche♀ SnootyOstrichDecember 21st
Bluebear♀ PeppyCubJune 24th
Bob♂ LazyCatJanuary 1st
Bonbon♀ PeppyRabbitMarch 3rd
Bones♂ LazyDogAugust 4th
Boomer♂ LazyPenguinFebruary 7th
Boone♂ JockGorillaSeptember 12th
Boots♂ JockAlligatorAugust 7th
Boris♂ CrankyPigNovember 6th
Boyd♂ CrankyGorillaOctober 1st
Bree♀ SnootyMouseJuly 7th
Broccolo♂ LazyMouseJune 30th
Broffina♀ SnootyChickenOctober 24th
Bruce♂ CrankyDeerMay 26th
Bubbles♀ PeppyHippoSeptember 18th
Buck♂ JockHorseApril 4th
Bud♂ JockLionAugust 8th
Bunnie♀ PeppyRabbitMay 9th
Butch♂ CrankyDogNovember 1st
Buzz♂ CrankyEagleDecember 7th
Cally♀ NormalSquirrelSeptember 4th
Camofrog♂ CrankyFrogJune 5th
Canberra♀ SisterlyKoalaMay 14th
Candi♀ PeppyMouseApril 13th
Carmen♀ PeppyRabbitJanuary 6th
Caroline♀ NormalSquirrelJuly 15th
Carrie♀ NormalKangarooDecember 5th
Cashmere♀ SnootySheepApril 2nd
Celia♀ NormalEagleMarch 25th
Cesar♂ CrankyGorillaSeptember 6th
Chadder♂ SmugMouseDecember 15th
Chai♀ PeppyElephantMarch 6th
Charlise♀ SisterlyBearApril 17th
Chelsea♀ NormalDeerJanuary 18th
Cheri♀ PeppyCubMarch 17th
Cherry♀ SisterlyDogMay 11th
Chester♂ LazyCubAugust 6th
Chevre♀ NormalGoatMarch 6th
Chief♂ CrankyWolfDecember 19th
Chops♂ SmugPigOctober 13th
Chow♂ CrankyBearJuly 22nd
Chrissy♀ PeppyRabbitAugust 28th
Claude♂ LazyRabbitDecember 3rd
Claudia♀ SnootyTigerNovember 22nd
Clay♂ LazyHamsterOctober 19th
Cleo♀ SnootyHorseFebruary 9th
Clyde♂ LazyHorseMay 1st
Coach♂ JockBullApril 29th
Cobb♂ JockPigOctober 7th
Coco♀ NormalRabbitMarch 1st
Cole♂ LazyRabbitAugust 10th
Colton♂ SmugHorseMay 22nd
Cookie♀ PeppyDogJune 18th
Cousteau♂ JockFrogDecember 17th
Cranston♂ LazyOstrichSeptember 23rd
Croque♂ CrankyFrogJuly 18th
Cube♂ LazyPenguinJanuary 29th
Curlos♂ SmugSheepMay 8th
Curly♂ JockPigJuly 26th
Curt♂ CrankyBearJuly 1st
Cyd♂ CrankyElephantJune 9th
Cyrano♂ CrankyAnteaterMarch 9th
Daisy♀ NormalDogNovember 16th
Deena♀ NormalDuckJune 27th
Deirdre♀ SisterlyDeerMay 4th
Del♂ CrankyAlligatorMay 27th
Deli♂ LazyMonkeyMay 24th
Derwin♂ LazyDuckMay 25th
Diana♀ SnootyDeerJanuary 4th
Diva♀ SisterlyFrogOctober 2nd
Dizzy♂ LazyElephantJuly 14th
Dobie♂ CrankyWolfFebruary 17th
Doc♂ LazyRabbitMarch 16th
Dom♂ JockSheepMarch 18th
Dora♀ NormalMouseFebruary 18th
Dotty♀ PeppyRabbitMarch 14th
Drago♂ LazyAlligatorFebruary 12th
Drake♂ LazyDuckJune 25th
Drift♂ JockFrogOctober 9th
Ed♂ SmugHorseSeptember 16th
Egbert♂ LazyChickenOctober 14th
Elise♀ SnootyMonkeyMarch 21st
Ellie♀ NormalElephantMay 12th
Elmer♂ LazyHorseOctober 5th
Eloise♀ SnootyElephantDecember 8th
Elvis♂ CrankyLionJuly 23rd
Erik♂ LazyDeerJuly 27th
Étoile♀ NormalSheepDecember 25th
Eugene♂ SmugKoalaOctober 26th
Eunice♀ NormalSheepApril 3rd
Fang♂ CrankyWolfDecember 18th
Fauna♀ NormalDeerMarch 26th
Felicity♀ PeppyCatMarch 30th
Filbert♂ LazySquirrelJune 3rd
Flip♂ JockMonkeyNovember 21st
Flo♀ SisterlyPenguinSeptember 2nd
Flora♀ PeppyOstrichFebruary 9th
Flurry♀ NormalHamsterJanuary 30th
Francine♀ SnootyRabbitJanuary 22nd
Frank♂ CrankyEagleJuly 30th
Freckles♀ PeppyDuckFebruary 19th
Freya♀ SnootyWolfDecember 14th
Friga♀ SnootyPenguinOctober 16th
Frita♀ SisterlySheepJuly 16th
Frobert♂ JockFrogFebruary 8th
Fuchsia♀ SisterlyDeerSeptember 19th
Gabi♀ PeppyRabbitDecember 16th
Gala♀ NormalPigMarch 5th
Gaston♂ CrankyRabbitOctober 28th
Gayle♀ NormalAlligatorMay 17th
Genji♂ JockRabbitJanuary 21st
Gigi♀ SnootyFrogAugust 11th
Gladys♀ NormalOstrichJanuary 15th
Gloria♀ SnootyDuckAugust 12th
Goldie♀ NormalDogDecember 27th
Gonzo♂ CrankyKoalaOctober 13th
Goose♂ JockChickenOctober 4th
Graham♂ SmugHamsterJune 20th
Greta♀ SnootyMouseSeptember 5th
Grizzly♂ CrankyBearJuly 31st
Groucho♂ CrankyBearOctober 23rd
Gruff♂ CrankyGoatAugust 29th
Gwen♀ SnootyPenguinJanuary 23rd
Hamlet♂ JockHamsterMay 30th
Hamphrey♂ CrankyHamsterFebruary 25th
Hans♂ SmugGorillaDecember 5th
Harry♂ CrankyHippoJanuary 7th
Hazel♀ SisterlySquirrelAugust 30th
Henry♂ SmugFrogSeptember 21st
Hippeux♂ SmugHippoOctober 15th
Hopkins♂ LazyRabbitMarch 11th
Hopper♂ CrankyPenguinApril 6th
Hornsby♂ LazyRhinoMarch 20th
Huck♂ SmugFrogJuly 9th
Hugh♂ LazyPigDecember 30th
Iggly♂ JockPenguinNovember 2nd
Ike♂ CrankyBearMay 16th
JacobNA♂ LazyBirdAugust 24th
JakeyPAL♂ SmugBirdJune 22nd
Jacques♀ NormalFrogOctober 27th
Jambette♂ JockBirdJuly 17th
Jay♂ LazyFrogJuly 8th
Jeremiah♂ JockBirdFebruary 2nd
Jitters♂ LazyDuckJanuary 3rd
Joey♀ SnootyCubMarch 10th
Judy♀ SnootyOstrichJuly 31st
Julia♂ SmugHorseMarch 15th
Julian♀ NormalCubMay 21st
June♂ CrankyCatNovember 29th
Kabuki♀ SisterlyCatApril 27th
Katt♂ SmugEagleJune 1st
Keaton♂ SmugChickenDecember 23rd
Ken♀ PeppyDuckJuly 27th
Ketchup♂ JockPigBirthday
Kevin♂ JockBirdJanuary 27th
Kid Cat♂ SmugSquirrelJuly 2nd
Kidd♀ NormalPigApril 21st
Kiki♀ NormalGorillaOctober 18th
Kitt♀ SnootyAlligatorJune 9th
Kitty♂ SmugKoalaAugust 19th
Klaus♂ CrankyAlligatorNovember 8th
Knox♂ JockEagleNovember 19th
Kody♂ SmugAnteaterFebruary 16th
Kyle♂ JockBirdMarch 4th
Leonardo♂ SmugBullApril 30th
Leopold♀ NormalMouseFebruary 24th
Lily♂ CrankyCatSeptember 22nd
Limberg♂ SmugAnteaterFebruary 6th
Lionel♂ CrankyHorseDecember 2nd
Lobo♀ NormalAnteaterOctober 20th
Lolly♂ SmugEagleJuly 4th
Lopez♂ JockHamsterSeptember 24th
Louie♂ SmugKangarooSeptember 8th
Lucha♂ LazyWolfAugust 31st
Lucky♀ NormalPenguinJanuary 27th
Lucy♂ JockChickenApril 28th
Lyman♂ JockEagleFebruary 22nd
Mac♀ PeppyElephantMarch 23rd
Maddie♀ SnootySheepMarch 28th
Maelle♀ NormalDeerNovember 7th
Maggie♀ SnootyTigerAugust 27th
Mallary♀ NormalCubMarch 2nd
Maple♂ LazyDogOctober 15th
Marcel♀ NormalBearSeptember 27th
Marcie♀ NormalDeerApril 5th
Margie♀ NormalChickenDecember 9th
Marina♂ SmugMouseDecember 28th
Marshal♂ LazyChickenOctober 10th
Marty♀ SnootyDogAugust 3rd
Mathilda♀ NormalHippoApril 25th
Megan♀ NormalMouseJune 12th
Melba♀ NormalTigerDecember 13th
Merengue♀ PeppyHippoMarch 29th
Merry♀ NormalElephantOctober 3rd
Midge♀ SnootyDuckFebruary 1st
Mint♀ SisterlyGoatMarch 25th
Mira♀ SnootyDogMay 13th
Miranda♀ NormalHippoOctober 6th
Mitzi♂ LazySquirrelJuly 3rd
Moe♀ NormalOstrichDecember 21st
Molly♀ SnootyCubJune 24th
Monique♂ CrankyCatJanuary 1st
Monty♂ JockRabbitMarch 3rd
Moose♂ JockDogAugust 4th
Mott♀ SisterlyPenguinFebruary 7th
Muffy♂ CrankyGorillaSeptember 12th
Murphy♀ NormalAlligatorAugust 7th
Nan♀ NormalPigNovember 6th
Nana♀ SnootyGorillaOctober 1st
Naomi♂ LazyMouseJuly 7th
Nate♀ PeppyMouseJune 30th
Nibbles♀ NormalChickenOctober 24th
Norma♂ CrankyDeerMay 26th
Octavian♂ SmugHippoSeptember 18th
O'Hare♂ SmugHorseApril 4th
Olaf♀ NormalLionAugust 8th
Olive♀ SnootyRabbitMay 9th
Olivia♀ SnootyDogNovember 1st
Opal♂ LazyEagleDecember 7th
Ozzie♀ SnootySquirrelSeptember 4th
Pancetti♀ PeppyFrogJune 5th
Pango♂ LazyKoalaMay 14th
Paolo♂ LazyMouseApril 13th
Papi♀ SisterlyRabbitJanuary 6th
Pashmina♀ PeppySquirrelJuly 15th
Pate♀ PeppyKangarooDecember 5th
Patty♀ SisterlySheepApril 2nd
Paula♀ NormalEagleMarch 25th
Peaches♀ PeppyGorillaSeptember 6th
Peanut♀ SnootyMouseDecember 15th
Pecan♂ JockElephantMarch 6th
Peck♂ CrankyBearApril 17th
Peewee♀ PeppyDeerJanuary 18th
Peggy♀ NormalCubMarch 17th
Pekoe♀ PeppyDogMay 11th
Penelope♂ SmugCubAugust 6th
Phil♀ SisterlyGoatMarch 6th
Phoebe♂ JockWolfDecember 19th
Pierce♂ SmugPigOctober 13th
Pietro♀ PeppyBearJuly 22nd
Pinky♀ PeppyRabbitAugust 28th
Piper♀ PeppyRabbitDecember 3rd
Pippy♀ SisterlyTigerNovember 22nd
Plucky♀ PeppyHamsterOctober 19th
Pompom♂ JockHorseFebruary 9th
Poncho♀ NormalHorseMay 1st
Poppy♀ SnootyBullApril 29th
Portia♂ LazyPigOctober 7th
Prince♂ LazyRabbitMarch 1st
Puck♀ PeppyRabbitAugust 10th
Puddles♂ LazyHorseMay 22nd
Pudge♂ LazyDogJune 18th
Punchy♀ SnootyFrogDecember 17th
Purrl♀ SnootyOstrichSeptember 23rd
Queenie♂ SmugFrogJuly 18th
Quillson♂ LazyPenguinJanuary 29th
Raddle♂ CrankySheepMay 8th
Rasher♂ SmugPigJuly 26th
Raymond♀ SisterlyBearJuly 1st
Renée♀ SisterlyElephantJune 9th
Reneigh♂ LazyAnteaterMarch 9th
Rex♀ NormalDogNovember 16th
Rhonda♂ JockDuckJune 27th
Ribbot♂ CrankyDeerMay 4th
Ricky♀ PeppyAlligatorMay 27th
Rilla♂ CrankyMonkeyMay 24th
Rizzo♂ JockDuckMay 25th
Roald♀ SnootyDeerJanuary 4th
Robin♂ CrankyFrogOctober 2nd
Rocco♀ SisterlyElephantJuly 14th
Rocket♂ JockWolfFebruary 17th
Rod♂ LazyRabbitMarch 16th
Rodeo♂ SmugSheepMarch 18th
Rodney♂ CrankyMouseFebruary 18th
Rolf♂ CrankyRabbitMarch 14th
Rooney♂ JockAlligatorFebruary 12th
Rory♂ CrankyDuckJune 25th
Roscoe♀ PeppyFrogOctober 9th
Rosie♂ JockHorseSeptember 16th
Rowan♀ PeppyChickenOctober 14th
Ruby♂ JockMonkeyMarch 21st
Rudy♀ NormalElephantMay 12th
Sally♂ JockHorseOctober 5th
Samson♀ NormalElephantDecember 8th
Sandy♀ NormalLionJuly 23rd
Savannah♂ JockDeerJuly 27th
Scoot♀ SisterlySheepDecember 25th
Shari♂ JockKoalaOctober 26th
Sheldon♂ SmugSheepApril 3rd
Shep♂ LazyWolfDecember 18th
Sherb♂ LazyDeerMarch 26th
Simon♀ NormalCatMarch 30th
Skye♂ JockSquirrelJune 3rd
Sly♂ JockMonkeyNovember 21st
Snake♀ SnootyPenguinSeptember 2nd
Snooty♀ SnootyOstrichFebruary 9th
Soleil♂ JockHamsterJanuary 30th
Sparro♂ CrankyRabbitJanuary 22nd
Spike♂ LazyEagleJuly 30th
SporkNA♀ PeppyDuckFebruary 19th
CracklePAL♂ JockWolfDecember 14th
Sprinkle♂ CrankyPenguinOctober 16th
Sprocket♀ NormalSheepJuly 16th
Static♂ JockFrogFebruary 8th
Stella♂ JockDeerSeptember 19th
Sterling♂ LazyRabbitDecember 16th
Stinky♂ LazyPigMarch 5th
Stitches♀ NormalRabbitOctober 28th
Stu♀ NormalAlligatorMay 17th
Sydney♀ SisterlyRabbitJanuary 21st
Sylvana♀ PeppyFrogAugust 11th
Sylvia♂ JockOstrichJanuary 15th
Tabby♀ PeppyDuckAugust 12th
Tad♀ SisterlyDogDecember 27th
Tammi♀ PeppyKoalaOctober 13th
Tammy♂ JockChickenOctober 4th
Tangy♀ SnootyHamsterJune 20th
Tank♂ CrankyMouseSeptember 5th
Tasha♂ JockBearJuly 31st
T-Bone♂ SmugBearOctober 23rd
Teddy♀ NormalGoatAugust 29th
Tex♀ SnootyPenguinJanuary 23rd
Tia♀ SnootyHamsterMay 30th
Tiffany♀ SnootyHamsterFebruary 25th
Timbra♂ SmugGorillaDecember 5th
Tipper♂ CrankyHippoJanuary 7th
Toby♀ PeppySquirrelAugust 30th
Tom♂ LazyFrogSeptember 21st
Truffles♀ PeppyHippoOctober 15th
Tucker♀ PeppyRabbitMarch 11th
Tutu♂ JockPenguinApril 6th
Twiggy♀ SisterlyRhinoMarch 20th
Tybalt♀ SnootyFrogJuly 9th
Ursala♀ NormalPigDecember 30th
Velma♂ CrankyPenguinNovember 2nd
Vesta♀ PeppyBearMay 16th
Vic♀ SnootyBirdAugust 24th
Victoria♀ SnootyBirdJune 22nd
Violet♂ CrankyFrogOctober 27th
Vivian♂ LazyBirdJuly 17th
Vladimir♂ LazyFrogJuly 8th
Wade♂ CrankyBirdFebruary 2nd
Walker♂ CrankyDuckJanuary 3rd
Walt♂ LazyCubMarch 10th
Wart Jr.♀ PeppyOstrichJuly 31st
Weber♀ SnootyHorseMarch 15th
Wendy♀ SnootyCubMay 21st
Whitney♀ PeppyCatNovember 29th
Willow♂ CrankyCatApril 27th
Winnie♀ SnootyEagleJune 1st
Wolfgang♂ SmugChickenDecember 23rd
Yuka♂ LazyDuckJuly 27th