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“Khabib Looks Like Thanos in This Picture”: 5 Years Old Picture Which Started One of the Biggest Rivalry in Combat Sports Between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor Leaves the Internet Divided

August 9, 2023

MMA News Roundup: Ilia Topuria Delivers Violent Beatdown at UFC Jacksonville; Nate Diaz’s Teammate Expressed Support for Elon Musk; Conor McGregor Sparks Rivalry With Friend-Turned-Foe Artem Lobov

June 25, 2023

“Where’s His 25 Million From Proper 12”: Conor McGregor Gets a Brutal Reality Check as Irishman’s Cold-Blooded Diss at Artem Lobov Gets Bashed by Fans

June 25, 2023

“They Give a Sh*t Dana!”: John McCarthy Slams Dana White for Defending Conor McGregor for Allegedly Cutting Fighters From TUF 31 House

March 1, 2023

List of Potential Fighters on TUF: Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler as Sean O’Malley and Artem Lobov’s Former Opponents May Feature in Hit Show

February 18, 2023

“Still Hasn’t Recovered From Conor’s Left”: Khabib’s Protege Causes Another Stir, Fans React to Latest Fiasco

February 11, 2023

Watch: “Great Coach” Conor McGregor From Past TUF Season Goes Viral After Michael Chandler Announcement

February 6, 2023

“Surprised Conor Even Agreed to This”: ‘Amazing’ Conor McGregor-TUF News Sends UFC Fans Into Frenzy

January 31, 2023

What Season of TUF Was Conor McGregor On? Who Won the The Ultimate Fighter With the Irishman?

January 27, 2023

“Even if They Give Me $5 Billion” – When Khabib Straight-Up Declined to Coach in TUF Against Conor McGregor

January 26, 2023