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NFL World in Splits After Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Matthews Flames Up on Brutal Collision That Landed Crucial Chiefs Receiver in Concussion Protocol

November 14, 2022

NFL Fans Chime In on Patrick Mahomes’ Private Affair That Was Made Very Public

November 10, 2022

‘Please Learn Football’: NFL World Tears Into Brittany Mahomes Once Again After Her Tweets Annoy Fans During Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs vs Josh Allen’s Buffalo Bills

October 17, 2022

“Love the Purse”: Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Matthews Wins Instagram After Her Gameday Outfit Against Tom Brady’s Buccaneers Goes Viral

October 5, 2022

‘Your Mansion Is Taking Too Long to Build?’: Millionaire Wife of Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Mahomes Shown No Remorse by NFL Fans After Recent Pregnancy-Related Tweet Draws Sharp Reactions

September 29, 2022

Patrick Mahomes’ Confession on Kansas City Life Should Make Every Chiefs Fan Jump With Joy

September 1, 2022

“Start ‘Em Young”: Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Matthews Prepares Daughter Sterling to Play This Sport When She Grows Up

August 28, 2022

“Your Heart’s Racing, I Promise You That”: The Time Patrick Mahomes Felt More Pressure Than His First Super Bowl Experience Involves His Controversial-Yet-Supportive Wife Brittany Matthews

August 24, 2022

“Should I Have Punched Him?”: Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Matthews Risked Getting Canceled After Wanting To Punch An Amazon Delivery Guy For A Harmless Statement About The Chiefs

August 22, 2022

“I Don’t Even Know What It’s Like to Have Parents That Aren’t Divorced”: Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Matthews Once Opened Up About the Struggles That Shaped Her Independent Self

August 16, 2022