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Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile 2021: Updates, Gameplay, Download, and Esports

Since releasing on October 1, 2019, Call of Duty Mobile has become one of the most popular games for mobile devices. It is a free-to-play shooter game developed by TiMi Studios, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, with Activision and Garena being the publishers.

The game allows users to experience aspects of the classic Call of Duty gameplay on mobile devices, especially in regions where PC gaming isn't mainstream yet. It is the intellectual property from the franchise's previous titles that makes Call of Duty: Mobile extremely popular.


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Call of Duty Mobile features many iconic characters, maps, and game modes from Black Ops and Modern Warfare. The mobile game's two primary matchmaking modes, multiplayer and battle royale, provide the thrill of Call of Duty on the go.

CoD Mobile Gameplay features

The multiplayer mode focuses on traditional 5v5 team-based combat across classic fan-favorite maps from the series. Players can opt to play ranked or non-ranked matches in this mode.

Meanwhile, the battle royale mode pits up to 100 players against each other. Players can embark on the survival experience in duos, four-person squads, or solo.

At the start of a BR match, players get to choose a class that adds specific skills to their character, from quick healing to calling in a launchpad.

The developers also incorporated the Alcatraz map from Black Ops 4's Blackout mode into CoD Mobile's BR matchmaking in a post-launch update. Besides that, players can also access a private room for the multiplayer and battle royale modes and engage in combat with their friends.

Moreover, the game keeps adding exciting content with each new season, with special modes that are only available for a limited time. These include One Shot One Kill, Snipers Only, 2v2, Gun Game, Capture the Flag, and most recently Going Dark TDM.

Some of the series' characters available in Call of Duty Mobile are John Price, Alex Mason, Simon "Ghost" Riley, David Mason, and Thomas Merrick. Meanwhile, the classic multiplayer maps include Nuketown, Hijacked, Firing Range, Kill House, Crash, Rust, and Crossfire.

Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass

Each season in the game brings a brand new Call of Duty battle pass with amazing rewards. The battle pass structure comprises tiers of free and premium content, including new characters, weapon blueprints, weapon charms, Operator Skills, functional weapons, and more.

CoD Mobile is currently in Season 12. Check all the details of the Season 12 Battle Pass here, including the free and premium tiers.

CoD Mobile Esports

The game laid the foundation for a booming Esports scene by hosting the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 as part of a partnership between Activision Blizzard and Sony Mobile Communications.

The tournament marked CoD Mobile's entry into the top tier of Esports, with a total prize pool of over $1 million. Players ranked veteran or above participated; however, emulators and external devices like keyboards and controllers were restricted.

CoD Warzone Mobile

Within a year of launch, CoD Mobile has become an immensely popular title among mobile gamers. However, there remains a possibility of a mobile port of Call of Duty: Warzone coming in the future.

A sub-Reddit already exists for Warzone Mobile, and the forum seems official rather than fan-created. Activision's community lead for CoD Mobile is the moderator for the sub-Reddit.

A post in r/WarzoneMobile from the community lead detailed a job listing intended for a Call of Duty: Warzone mobile port, indicating Activision hiring team members for developing it. While a mobile version of Warzone is possible, its development is far from complete. Fans would probably wait until 2021 and even beyond for anything concrete.


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CoD Mobile Download

Within its first month of release, the game had surpassed 148 million downloads, bringing in $54 million in revenue approximately and making it the largest mobile game launch yet. CoD Mobile went on to see over 250 million downloads by June 2020, producing an estimated $327 million in revenue.

Call of Duty: Mobile is available to download for free on App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android.


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CoD Mobile Details

ReleaseOctober 1, 2019
DeveloperTiMi Studios
PublisherActivision, Garena
Spin-OffsCall of Duty series
PlatformAndroid, iOS