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DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan 2021: Net worth, salary, and endorsements

DeMar DeRozan is the superstar small forward for the Chicago Bulls. In an era where three-point shooting has become a must in the league, DeRozan has found a way to dominate the game without having an effective jump shot, making him one of the most unique players in the league right now.

Playing for the USC Trojans in the 2008-09 season, DeRozan had a slow start to his collegiate career. But eventually the 6'7" forward gained confidence and started putting up great numbers. By the end of the season, DeRozan was one of the top performers for the teams as he averaged 13.9 points, 1.5 assists and 5.7 rebounds per game.

USA Today via Reuters

Given his stats and his late step up in his only collegiate season, draft stock was high for the 20-year-old. Coming up alongside the likes of Stephen Curry and James Harden, DeRozan's draft class was stacked, to say the least.

The 20-year-old ended up becoming the 9th lottery pick and was picked up by the Toronto Raptors.

DeMar DeRozan with the Toronto Raptors

While DeRozan was a lottery pick for the Raptors, unlike his peers, his playtime was limited. Playing off of the bench, DeRozan became a decent rotational player chipping in with averages of 8.6 points, 2.9 rebounds and 0.7 assists per game in 21 minutes of playtime.

But the departure of superstar Chris Bosh was certainly the biggest game changer for DeRozan and the Raptors organisation. Losing their star, the Raptors found themselves in a rebuilding phase. With a pick like DeRozan in their hands, the franchise took the chance on the sophomore and made him a starter.

The forward's quality certainly showed up, as his statistics saw a massive jump. Averaging 17.2 points, 1.8 assists and 3.8 rebounds per game, his stats nearly doubled, and the franchise knew they had a star in hand.

Over the next few years, the team brought in a second star in Kyle Lowry. Like DeRozan, Lowry started off with middling stats but eventually gained confidence and saw a jump in his numbers as well. With the duo DeRozan and Lowry about to hit their peak, the Raptors became a contender in the East yet again.

DeRozan certainly was the star man of the show, averaging more than 20? points per game for four seasons in a row and leading the team to multiple top three finishes in the regular season. But this success did not translate in the post-season.

With their championship window dwindling, the Raptors made a drastic and polarizing decision as they traded off DeRozan to the Spurs and brought in Kawhi Leonard instead.

DeMar DeRozan with the San Antonio Spurs

After being traded away from Toronto, DeRozan certainly wasn't impressed with a move to away from the Raptors. But an opportunity to play under the guidance of Gregg Popovich was an enticing prospect nonetheless.

Initially, DeRozan continued to put up his usual stats with the Spurs and even led them to appearances in the playoffs. But his game did change quite a lot with the Spurs, eventually.

USA Today via Reuters

While the mid-range continued to be his primary weapon to score the ball, his passing certainly was much better now as he had career highs in his playmaking numbers. But the Spurs were also moving to a new era and did not want to retain DeRozan in the 2021 off-season. This meant that a new destination awaited the 32-year-old.

DeMar DeRozan with the Chicago Bulls

In the 2021 free agency, DeRozan was one of the biggest names alongside his longtime friend Kyle Lowry. Being linked to moves to contenders like Los Angeles Lakers, DeRozan even admitted that he would love to play for LA.

But with Lakers making a swing for Russell Westbrook, that chapter was closed. While he could have signed for a lesser role with other contenders, DeRozan knew he had a lot left in the tank and signed on with the Chicago Bulls.

USA Today via Reuters

The Bulls who have transformed their team have been formidable so far this season. In the 11 games they played, they have simply been unstoppable winning 8 games and all of them have been in dominant fashion. With a much more balanced team around him, DeRozan has flourished and has established himself as the lead scorer for the team. If the Bulls can carry on this momentum, they might turn out to be a dark horse contender in the near future.

Major Achievements

4x NBA All-Star (2014, 2016, 2017, 2018)

2x All-NBA (2017, 2018)

1x Olympic Champion (2016)

DeMar DeRozan stats

In the 13 seasons and 892 games he has played, DeRozan has been one of the stars of the league and has averaged 20.2 points, 4.4 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game.

Currently with the Bulls, DeRozan has been on a tear. In the 11 games he has played so far, the 32-year-old has led the Bulls in scoring averaging ?26.0 points, 5.8 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game.

DeMar DeRozan contract

After serving out his five-year contract for worth $139 million, DeMar was a free agent in the 2021 free agency. The Bulls certainly were interested in the forward.

Ahead of 2021-22 season, DeRozan signed a very lucrative 3-year contract worth $81 million. In the current season, the 32-year-old is set to earn around $26 million.

USA Today via Reuters

Although the deal was considered a costly one, given DeRozan's current form, it seems like a steal. If the veteran continues to perform at such a high level, an extension might be a viable option next season.

DeMar DeRozan's net worth

According to Wealthy Gorilla, DeMar DeRozan has an estimated net worth of $23 million. Furthermore, Forbes also states that the 4-time All-Star made a total of $24.8 M in 2021, which adds to his total value.

DeMar DeRozan endorsements

According to Forbes, DeRozan is among the 100-best paid athletes in the world. While in-game earnings make up the majority of his earnings, he does have endorsements from some big names in the industry.

With endorsements with brands like Nike, Spalding, Gatorade, Klipsch DeRozan earns about $4 million alone.

DeMar DeRozan charity

DeMar DeRozan was one of the most active members in the Toronto community while he was a Raptor. Be it his partnership with First Book or other, the 4-time All-Star has been ever present for his community.

In 2020, the 32-year-old even pledged $20,000 to COVID-19 relief along with former teammate Serge Ibaka.

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Marital StatusMarried

Kiara Morrison

NBA Championship Rings0
Height6' 6" (1.98 m)
Weight99 kg
EndorsementsNike, Spalding, Gatorade
Wingspan2.06 metres