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Disguised Toast

Disguised Toast 2021: Net worth, Career, and Facebook Gaming

Disguised Toast is one of the streamers that rose to fame with the increasing popularity of Among Us. Fans have hailed him as the best player to ever play Among Us. His knowledge of the game, strategies, and negotiation skills make him one of the most interesting creators to watch.

Toast currently holds an exclusive streaming contract with Facebook gaming and uploads his stream highlights on his YouTube channel.

Disguised Toast: Early career

Toast began his gaming career with the digital card game Hearthstone when he started making videos about it on YouTube. He got the alias "Disguised Toast" since he used to cover his face with a cardboard cutout in the shape of a toast during the initial months of his career.

He continued with Hearthstone while slowly growing his channel until 2019. It was at this point where his career got a boost as he started streaming Teamfight Tactics by Riot Games.

Disguised Toast on Facebook Gaming

At the peak of his career in 2019, Toast was already the second most watched streamer on Twitch. He had 1.3 million followers on the streaming platform. His YouTube channel also had 950k subscribers. In November 2019, Toast signed an exclusive streaming deal with Facebook Gaming.

Since November 2019, Toast has shifted all his streaming activities on Facebook's Gaming platform. He has managed to convert his Twitch success over to Facebook Gaming while averaging over 500k views per stream.

Disguised Toast plays Among Us

Just like most of the other creators, Toast also picked up the viral sensation Among Us as his primary game choice. During September and October 2020, Disguised Toast became not just one of the best players of Among Us but also one of the best creators.

Apart from his astonishing Facebook Gaming figures, during this period, Toast gained one million subscribers and 150 million video views on YouTube. As a part of his Among Us career, Toast got an opportunity to play with the biggest streamers and creators. He has been a constant sight in the streams of Pokimaine, Corpse Husband, Jacksepticeye, PewDiePie, and Logic among others. He was also a part of the record-breaking Twitch stream by Democrat Politicians Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

Disguised Toast net-worth and earnings in 2021

Last year, Toast urged his fans not to donate during his streams. Keeping that aside, a major part of his earnings come from his live streaming deal with Facebook Gaming. The other part of his earnings come from his YouTube content.

Naibuzz estimates Disguised Toast's net-worth to be around $2 million after calculating his Twitch and YouTube.

How to contact Disguised Toast in 2021?

Disguised Toast is available to contact through the following platforms:

Business Email:

Twitter: @DisguisedToast

Instagram: @disguisedtoast

Disguised Toast Details


Jeremy Wang


25 November 1991





5ft 6in/ 1.7m


60 Kg/ 132lbs


Los Angeles County, California, United States

Marital Status

Games he plays

Hearthstone, Teamfighter Tactics, League of Legends, Among Us

Net Worth

$2 million