FIBA World Cup 2023

FIBA World Cup 2023: Venue, Format, Qualifiers, and More

Among all the International competitions in the basketball schedule, the FIBA World Cup is certainly the most prestigious of all of them. NBA champions like LeBron James, Pau Gasol, and Kevin Durant have graced the tournament with their amazing basketball prowess. This year's edition of the FIBA World Cup starts in less than three days and the tournament is already grabbing most of the headlines.

With a rich history dating back decades, the prestigious tournament will be held over three different countries this year which makes the event really unique.

What is the FIBA World Cup 2023?

The tournament was known as the FIBA World Championship from its inception in 1950 until 2010. With a huge number of teams from across the world participating, it is the flagship event of the International Basketball Federation.

The first-ever edition was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Interestingly, there were only 10 teams participating back then. The tournament has expanded by leaps and bounds and currently, 32 teams fight for ultimate glory.

Winners of the prestigious World Cup celebrate by lifting the Naismith Trophy. It is named after the founder of basketball, Dr. James Naismith.

Where will the 2023 FIBA World Cup be held?

This year's World Cup will be held in three Asian cities, namely Manila in the Philippines, Okinawa in Japan, and Jakarta in Indonesia. The qualified teams will play 92 games over 16 days in the aforementioned cities.

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The Philippines serves as the main host with the 55,000-seater Philippine Arena hosting the opening day double-header. This is an effort to set the FIBA World Cup attendance record. The United States of America play its first game against New Zealand in Manila on the 26th of August.

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Tournament Format

32 teams from around the world will be taking part in this year's edition. Teams have been divided into 8 groups consisting of 4 teams in each group.

12 teams have qualified from Europe while Asia/Oceania takes 8 places. 7 teams from America and 5 teams from Africa complete the 32 teams.

Notable countries include the USA, defending champions Spain, historically dominant Argentina, France, Brazil, and Australia to name a few.

This year's edition follows the format used during the 2019 World Cup held in China. It is comprised of three phases, the group stage, the second round, and the final phase. The top two teams from each group will advance to the next round.

In the second round, there will be four groups of four teams each. The top two teams from these four groups will qualify for the final phase.

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Tournament Schedule


Time (ET)



Fri., Aug. 254 a.m.Italy 81, Angola 67Group A
4 a.m.Australia 98, Finland 72Group E
4:45 a.m.Montenegro 91, Mexico 71Group D
5:15 a.m.Latvia 109, Lebanon 70Group H
8 a.m.Dominican Republic 87, Philippines 81Group A
8:10 a.m.Germany 81, Japan 63Group E
8:30 a.m.Lithuania 93, Egypt 67Group D
9:30 a.m.Canada 95, France 65Group H
Sat., Aug. 264 a.m.Puerto Rico 101, South Sudan 96Group B
4 a.m.Georgia 85, Cape Verde 60Group F
4:45 a.m.Greece 92, Jordan 71Group C
5:45 a.m.Brazil 100, Iran 59Group G
7:30 a.m.Slovenia 100, Venezuela 85Group F
8 a.m.Serbia 105, China 63Group B
8:40 a.m.USA 97, New Zealand 72Group C
9:30 a.m.Spain 94, Cote d’Ivoire 64Group G
Sun., Aug. 274 a.m.Dominican Republic 87, Italy 82Group A
4:30 a.m.Germany 85, Australia 82Group E
4:45 a.m.Montenegro 89, Egypt 74Group D
5:45 a.m.Canada 128, Lebanon 73Group H
8 a.m.Angola 80, Philippines 70Group A
8:10 a.m.Japan 98, Finland 88Group E
8:30 a.m.Lithuania 96, Mexico 66Group D
9:30 a.m.Latvia 88, France 86Group H
Mon., Aug. 284 a.m.South Sudan 89, China 69Group B
4 a.m.Cape Verde 81, Venezuela 75Group F
4:45 a.m.New Zealand 95, Jordan 87 (OT)Group C
5:45 a.m.Cote d’Ivoire 71, Iran 69Group G
7:30 a.m.Slovenia 88, Georgia 67Group F
8 a.m.Serbia 94, Puerto Rico 77Group B
8:40 a.m.USA 109, Greece 81Group C
9:30 a.m.Spain 96, Brazil 78Group G
Tue., Aug. 293:30 a.m.Germany 101, Finland 75Group E
4 a.m.Dominican Republic 75, Angola 65Group A
4:45 a.m.Egypt 100, Mexico 72Group D
5:45 a.m.France 85, Lebanon 79Group H
7:10 a.m.Australia 109, Japan 89Group E
8 a.m.Italy 90, Philippines 83Group A
8:30 a.m.Lithuania 91, Montenegro 71Group D
9:30 a.m.Canada 101, Latvia 75Group H
Wed., Aug. 304 a.m.Serbia 115, South Sudan 83Group B
4 a.m.Georgia 70, Venezuela 59Group F
4:40 a.m.USA 110, Jordan 62Group C
5:45 a.m.Brazil 89, Cote d’Ivoire 77Group G
7:30 a.m.Slovenia 92, Cape Verde 77Group F
8 a.m.Puerto Rico 107, China 89Group B
8:40 a.m.Greece 83, New Zealand 74Group C
9:30 a.m.Spain 85, Iran 65Group G
Thu., Aug. 313:30 a.m.Finland 100, Cape Verde 77Group O
4 a.m.China 83, Angola 76Group M
4:45 a.m.Mexico 108, New Zealand 100Group N
5:45 a.m.Lebanon 94, Cote d’Ivoire 84Group P
7:10 a.m.Japan 86, Venezuela 77Group O
8 a.m.South Sudan 87, Philippines 68Group M
8:30 a.m.Egypt 85, Jordan 69Group N
9:30 a.m.France 82, Iran 55Group P
Fri., Sept. 14 a.m.Italy 78, Serbia 76Group I
4:30 a.m.Germany 100, Georgia 73Group K
4:40 a.m.USA 85, Montenegro 73Group J
5:45 a.m.Latvia 74, Spain 69Group L
8 a.m.Puerto Rico 102, Dominican Republic 97Group I
8:10 a.m.Slovenia 91, Australia 80Group K
8:40 a.m.Lithuania 92, Greece 67Group J
9:30 a.m.Brazil 68, Canada 65Group L
Sat., Sept. 23:30 a.m.Finland 90, Venezuela 75Group O
4 a.m.South Sudan 101, Angola 78Group M
4:45 a.m.New Zealand 88, Egypt 86Group N
5:45 a.m.Cote d’Ivoire-FranceGroup P
7:10 a.m.Japan-Cape VerdeGroup O
8 a.m.Philippines-ChinaGroup M
8:30 a.m.Jordan-MexicoGroup N
9:30 a.m.Iran-LebanonGroup P
Sun., Sept. 33:30 a.m.Australia-GeorgiaGroup K
4 a.m.Italy-Puerto RicoGroup I
4:40 a.m.Greece-MontenegroGroup J
5:45 a.m.Brazil-LatviaGroup L
7:10 a.m.Germany-SloveniaGroup K
8 a.m.Dominican Republic-SerbiaGroup I
8:40 a.m.USA-LithuaniaGroup J
9:30 a.m.Spain-CanadaGroup L
Tue., Sept. 5Italy-USAQuarterfinals
Wed., Sept. 6Germany-LatviaQuarterfinals
Thu., Sept. 7Italy-LatviaClassification Game
Lithuania-SloveniaClassification Game
Fri., Sept. 8USA-GermanySemifinals
Sat., Sept. 9Italy-SloveniaClassification Game
Latvia-LithuaniaClassification Game
Sun., Sept. 104:30 a.m.USA-CanadaBronze-Medal Game
8:40 a.m.Serbia-GermanyGold-Medal Game

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Tournament Groups



Group A Dominican Republic, Italy, Angola, Philippines
Group BSerbia, Puerto Rico, South Sudan, China
Group C United States of America, Greece, New Zealand, Jordan
Group D Lithuania, Montenegro, Egypt, Mexico
Group E Germany, Australia, Japan, Finland
Group F Slovenia, Georgia, Cape Verde, Venezuela
Group GSpain, Brazil, Cote D'Ivorie, Iran
Group H Canada, Latvia, France, Lebanon

 Here are the groups for the Second Round



Group ISerbia, Dominican Republic, Italy, Puerto Rico
Group JUnited States of America, Lithuania, Montenegro, Greece
Group KGermany, Slovenia, Australia, Georgia
Group LCanada, Spain. Brazil, Latvia

Teams and Participants : Which NBA players are participating?


NBA players

Group AAngola: Bruno Fernando (Atlanta Hawks)

Dominican Republic: Karl-Anthony Towns (Minnesota Timberwolves), Lester Quinones (Golden State Warriors)

Italy: Simone Fontecchio (Utah Jazz)

Philippines: Jordan Clarkson (Utah Jazz)

Group BChina: Kyle Anderson (Minnesota Timberwolves)

Serbia: Bogdan Bogdanovic (Atlanta Hawks), Aleksej Pokusevski (Oklahoma City Thunder), Nikola Jovic (Miami Heat), Filip Petrusev (Philadelphia 76ers)

South Sudan: Wenyen Gabriel (Los Angeles Lakers), Carlik Jones (Chicago Bulls)

Puerto Rico: No NBA players on roster.

Group CGreece: Thanasis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks)

Jordan: No NBA players on roster.

New Zealand: No NBA players on roster.

United States: Paolo Banchero (Orlando Magic), Mikal Bridges (Brooklyn Nets), Jalen Brunson (New York Knicks), Anthony Edwards (Minnesota Timberwolves), Tyrese Haliburton (Indiana Pacers), Josh Hart (New York Knicks), Brandon Ingram (New Orleans Pelicans), Jaren Jackson Jr. (Memphis Grizzlies), Cameron Johnson (Brooklyn Nets), Walker Kessler (Utah Jazz), Bobby Portis (Milwaukee Bucks), Austin Reaves (Los Angeles Lakers)

Group DEgypt: No NBA players on roster.

Lithuania: Jonas Valanciunas (New Orleans Pelicans), Azuolas Tubelis (Philadelphia 76ers)

Mexico: No NBA players on roster.

MontenegroNikola Vucevic (Chicago Bulls)

Group EAustralia: Xavier Cooks (Washington Wizards), Dyson Daniels (New Orleans Pelicans), Dante Exum (Dallas Mavericks), Josh Giddey (Oklahoma City Thunder), Josh Green (Dallas Mavericks), Joe Ingles (Orlando Magic), Jock Landale (Houston Rockets), Patty Mills (Atlanta Hawks), Matisse Thybulle (Portland Trail Blazers), Jack White (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Finland: Lauri Markkanen (Utah Jazz)

Germany: Dennis Schroder (Toronto Raptors), Daniel Theis (Indiana Pacers), Franz Wagner (Orlando Magic), Moritz Wagner (Orlando Magic)

Japan: Yuta Watanabe (Phoenix Suns)

Group FCape Verde: No NBA players on roster.

Georgia: Goga Bitadze (Orlando Magic), Sandro Mamukelashvili (San Antonio Spurs)

Slovenia: Luka Doncic (Dallas Mavericks)

Venezuela: No NBA players on roster.

Group GBrazil: Raul Neto (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Cote d’IvoireNo NBA players on roster.

Iran: No NBA players on roster.

Spain: Santi Aldama (Memphis Grizzlies), Usman Garuba (Atlanta Hawks)

Group HCanada: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Oklahoma City Thunder), RJ Barrett (New York Knicks), Dillon Brooks (Houston Rockets), Lu Dort (Oklahoma City Thunder), Nickeil Alexander-Walker (Minnesota Timberwolves), Kelly Olynyk (Utah Jazz), Dwight Powell (Dallas Mavericks)

France: Nicolas Batum (LA Clippers), Evan Fournier (New York Knicks), Rudy Gobert (Minnesota Timberwolves)

Latvia: Davis Bertans (Oklahoma City Thunder)

LebanonNo NBA players on roster.

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Rivalries

There are a huge number of rivalries in International basketball. The United States of America and Spain share a great rivalry which has produced some great encounters in the past.

Anthony Edwards of the USA will go up against Joel Parra and Jaime Pradilla of Spain which will prove to be a feisty affair. Historical South American rivals Brazil and Argentina also share an intense rivalry. On the other hand, Greece and Turkey also share an European rivalry.

FIBA World Cup 2023 Fans Enthusiasm

A huge number of fans across the world will be tuning in to watch their favorite international stars in action. Here's what fans on Twitter had to say.

Fans are excited to see Shai Gilgeous Alexander and Team Canada in action in the FIBA World Cup 2023.

Team USA, like always, is one of the most popular teams in the World Cup.

Who won the last FIBA World Cup?

The 2019 FIBA World Cup was a historic edition. For the first time ever, there were 32 teams taking part to win the ultimate International glory.

Spain dominated the entire tournament and faced Argentina in the Final. They beat the South Americans 95-75 with tournament MVP Ricky Rubio putting up his best numbers in the final. This happened to be Spain's second World Cup gold and Argentina's second World Cup silver.

What is the prize money for the FIBA World Cup winners 2023?

32 teams will battle long and hard to win the prestigious tournament. Apart from the sparkling Naismith Trophy given to the winners and the international recognition, the winning team also receives good prize money.

Although the prize money has not been officially announced, the 2019 winners received $2.5 million out of a record-breaking $15 million prize pool. The second and third-place teams received $1.5 million and $1.2 million respectively.

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What are your predictions for the 2023 FIBA World Cup? Let us know in the comments below.


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