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In the world of sports, fitness is commonly understood as the overall state of a person's mental and physical health and well-being. It involves being able to perform everyday tasks and physically demanding activities with optimal performance while also resisting a sedentary lifestyle. Essentially, fitness is a state that motivates individuals to be the best version of themselves. Although physical well-being is often associated with fitness, the mental aspects of this condition have also gained recognition over time.

Types/ Common types of fitness

Gyming: A popular and most common type of fitness is gyming. In literal words, it means going to the gym. However, in actuality, it is various physical exercises and activities that are executed and done inside the premises of a gym, consisting of all necessary equipment and apparatus. All forms of training are mostly performed inside the gym, thus making it a broad type of fitness.

Weight training: The genre of exercises that help an individual build and develop muscles is a result of weight training. Also known as strength training or resistance training, it focuses on resistance to the muscular contraction that enables strength building, anaerobic endurance, and increase size of skeletal muscles. Exercises like weightlifting, Bench press, and dumbbell workouts fall under this type of fitness.

CrossFit: This is a form of high-intensity training, focused on strength and conditioning exercises like Squatting, Burpees, Murphs, and more. The workouts comprise functional movements performed in day-to-day life, only at a higher intensity than average. It is a chosen form of fitness for weight loss at a given period.

Outdoor training: It is a form of training that follows the idea of working out in an open space, like in the natural environment rather than in an enclosed environment like a gym. It focuses on keeping the trainees outdoors while performing tasks, games, and workouts like hiking, swimming, walking, running, and more.

Calisthenics: It is a type of training that utilizes an individual's body weight itself to perform workouts and requires little or no equipment. It is a highly beneficial form of training and could be done anytime. Popular workouts like pushups, crunches, and burpees are a few examples.

Some essential gym equipment for fitness training

Dumbell Set: Dumbbell sets, also known as free weights, are a type of equipment that is used for strengthening and toning muscles. It relieves an individual from using gym exercise machines to building muscles. The weights of dumbbells range from as low as 5 lbs to 50 lbs.

Training bench: A training bench is also a type of gym equipment that allows an athlete/enthusiast to perform a variety of workouts while taking support of it. The most commonly used are adjustable training benches, liberating the gym goer to target muscle groups from distinct angles, resulting in increased strength.

Kettlebells: These are pieces of equipment usually employed in weight training. It resembles a cannonball but with a squared handle. Ballistic workouts, in combination with cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises, integrate kettlebells into their regimen.

Barbell and weight plates: Both types of equipment are combined into an apparatus to perform weight training, bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, and strongman. Barbell is a long and heavy bar and is attached with weight plates on either end. Weight plates are built out of cast iron, and are available on a range of weights.

Fitness ball: Also called the medicine ball, is a slightly weighted ball that is used for rehabilitation and strength training. It is graspable and may be used for a variety of fitness workouts, mainly to evaluate upper body strength and explosive ability.

Jump ropes: These are equipment used for workouts that include jumping over the rope, which has great benefits for the body. It improves body balance and coordination and helps strengthen bones and muscles along with cardiorespiratory fitness.

Resistance band: It is an elastic band, used as equipment for strength training. Usually employed in a physical therapy workout, it aids recovery of muscular injuries and the slow rebuilding of strength.

A few notable fitness influencers

Joey Swoll: Fitness influencer and personal trainer, Joseph Sergo aka Joey Swoll, rose to fame after his TikTok videos went viral on the internet. His videos spread awareness of gym etiquette and gym positivity. Moreover, he often calls out rule-breakers and gym bullies in his TikToks that gain massive attention from fans.

Lesley Maxwell: An icon in the fitness sphere, Lesley Maxwell is a 66-year–old fitness influencer and grandmother. Her chiseled and aesthetic frame has won her over 30 Figure titles. Besides, she also shares her 35+ years of fitness wisdom with enthusiasts with her program, Lesley Maxwell Fitness.

Granny Guns: Marlene Flowers is a popular figure in the fitness world as Granny Guns. Her social media is a testament to her shredded physique and maintained physical abilities, despite being a 65-year-old grandmother. She is a bodybuilder who runs an auto shop in Pittsburgh.

Tia Clair: Australian weightlifter and athlete, Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr is a big name in the CrossFit industry. She has won six consecutive titles at the annual CrossFit Games, making her the only one to have won as many.