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“Gonna Be a Hell of a Fight”: Having Survived Through 40+ Surgeries, Bodybuilding Legend Recalls His Most Vulnerable Moment That Changed “His Life Forever”

June 7, 2023

Decades After Competing, 57-YO Bodybuilding Veteran Admits Comparison With ‘Multi Mr. Olympia Champ’ Is an Honor

June 6, 2023

“Threatened to Break Into My House”: Bodybuilding Veteran Reveals a Shocking Incident Surrounding His Workout Ritual From the 90s

June 5, 2023

“That’s Nerve Damage”: Having Survived 40+ Surgeries and Horrific Car Crash, Bodybuilding Veteran Asks IFBB Pro Coach to “Be Careful”

June 5, 2023

“Making a Comeback and…Kill Myself”: 50 Yo Veteran Who Once Attempted Suicide Slams Bodybuilders With ‘Second Chance’ at Life

June 4, 2023

“Damn I’m in Tears”: Barber’s Kind Gesture Toward Cancer Patient Leaves 57-Year-Old Bodybuilding Legend and Fans Emotional

June 3, 2023

Despite Being the Epitome of Perfect Human Symmetry, 57-Y.O. Bodybuilding Legend Never Felt “Happy” After Attempting Suicide at 11

June 2, 2023

“I Miss You Buddy”: Years After Losing His Leg Due to Critical Medical Issues, 57-Year-Old Bodybuilding Legend Makes a Heartbreaking Confession

May 31, 2023

“So Sorry for Your Family Loss”: Bodybuilding World Mourns Devastating Loss of 61-YO Veteran Bodybuilder Battling Long-Term Illness

May 31, 2023

“One Day of Remembrance, It’s Not Enough”: Mourning the Devastating Loss of Real-Life Heroes, Bodybuilding Veteran Pays Heartiest Tribute on Memorial Day

May 30, 2023