Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather: Record, Net Worth, Salary and Endorsements

Floyd Mayweather, born Floyd Joy Sinclair, is an American former professional boxer. His tenure lasted from 1996 to 2015. However, he made a comeback to fight MMA giant Conor McGregor in a crossover fight. The fight between Mayweather and the Irishman was one of the biggest events in the history of Combat sports. Mayweather took the win that night, following which he vowed never to return to the boxing ring to fight.

Floyd Mayweather: Net Worth

Floyd Mayweather is popularly known as ‘Money’ and rightly so, for his net worth stands at a shocking $285 million. As per Forbes, Mayweather earned a whopping $1 billion in prize money alone, in his 21-year-long career. Reigning over the world of combat sports with a winning streak of 50 fights intact has its own perks and benefits. Keeping all his sponsorships, endorsements, and fight purses in mind, it is fair to say that the boxing legend has earned more than a decent living.

Floyd Mayweather: Achievements

There’s a saying that Pretty Boy believes in, it goes like, “Women lie, Men lie, Numbers don’t lie.” When one thinks about the saying, it seems pretty meaningless. However, it makes more sense when one considers Mayweather’s exploits throughout his career. And rightly so, with his stupendous record of 50 wins and 0 losses. To reign over the championship level for almost two decades is nothing short of a remarkable feat. So much so that it seems like his success has been at mythical proportions.

Throughout the course of his lustrous career, he has collected over 15 major world titles including The Ring in five weight classes, the lineal championship in four weight classes (twice at welterweight). As an amateur, Mayweather went on to win Bronze in the featherweight division at the 1996 Olympics. Other than that, Money has also amassed a collection of three U.S. Golden Gloves championships (at light flyweight, flyweight, and featherweight), and the U.S. National Championship at featherweight.

Floyd Mayweather: Foundation and Charities

With great wealth, comes great responsibility to help others in need. And Mayweather has never backed away from the same. He set up the Floyd Mayweather Jr Foundation to empower community alliances, help create an audience for youth leadership, create a platform to support health and wellness, and working on community development as a whole.

He is also associated with multiple foundations like:

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