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George St Pierre: Net Worth and Endorsements

Arguably the greatest mixed martial artists the sport has ever seen, GSP made his debut in UFC in 2004 on UFC 46. GSP is a 3rd dan Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate, 1st-degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, black belt in Gaidojutsu and a black belt in Shidokan karate.

George St Pierre

George St Pierre Achievements:

It’s very unlikely for a mixed martial artist to have an as impressive resume as GSP has. He was the UFC welterweight champion and the UFC middleweight champion.

UFC welterweight Champion:

After an unsuccessful attempt at capturing the UFC welterweight title, GSP climbed his way back to another title shot and faced Matt Hughes in a rematch. GSP not only avenged his loss against Matt Hughes he also captured the welterweight title. However, GSP lost the title to young Matt Serra in the next fight. 

George St Pierre would go on to win the title again by beating Hughes and avenged his loss against Matt Serra in a title defense. 

UFC Middleweight Champion:

After a 3 year lay off from the sport, GSP would come back to achieve another piece of UFC glory, the middleweight champion. GSP would challenge the champion, Michael Bisping. Even with the long layoff, GSP dominated Bisping and won the fight to become a two-division champion.

George St Pierre Endorsements:

 GSP has the most number of PPV sells to his name in UFC.  He made 2.5 million dollars for his last fight with Michael Bisping in UFC 217. GSP has some huge endorsement deals with Under Armour, NOS energy drink owned by Coca-Cola, Hayabusa, 888 poker, Electronic Arts, Affliction, Budlight, Reebok and Bacardi. The total estimated worth of GSP is more than 30 million dollars.

  • Age                           38 years
  • Marital Status            Unmarried
  • Nationality                 Canada
  • Team                         Tri Star gym

George St Pierre Stats:

  • Height                        5ft 10 inches
  • Weight                        170 Lbs
  • Born                           19-05-1981
  • Reach                         76 inches