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Gerrit Cole: MLB Records, Net Worth, and Endorsements

Gerrit Cole is an American professional baseball player in Major League Baseball (MLB), who plays as a starting pitcher for the New York Yankees. As of now, Cole has been playing for the Yankees since the 2020 season. But in his 9 years long career, Gerrit Cole has previously played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Houston Astros.

While playing for the Pirates in his early days, Cole won the National League Rookie of the Month in September 2013. And later in the 2015 season, he also won National League Pitcher of the Month for April. Cole's 2015 season with the Pittsburgh Pirates was so impressive that the star pitcher was also named an MLB All-Star. Apart from the 2015 season, Cole was also named MLB All-Star in the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

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Later in the 2017-18 offseason, the Pirates traded Gerrit Cole to the Houston Astros. When Cole moved to the Astros from the Pirates, he also improved his pitching skills. He played an instrumental role in the Astors' success in the 2019 season. Cole helped the Astros to win the National League and take them to the World Series games.

The 2019 season of Major League Baseball proved to be a career-changing year for the Yankees star. During the 2019 season, Cole became the only 18th pitcher in MLB history to strike out 300 batters in a season. Considering his pitching skills and young age, the New York Yankees signed a contract with the Yankees. And since then, he has been pitching for the New York Yankees.

Gerrit Cole's Net Worth

Apart from being a very popular name in baseball, Gerrit Cole is also one of the wealthiest players in Major League Baseball. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Gerrit Cole's net worth in 2022 is a whopping $50 million.

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However, before signing his contract with the Yankees in 2019, Cole's earnings were just around $25 million. But after signing with the Yankees in 2019, his net worth took just doubled to his prior earnings. And now, with the $50 million net worth, Cole is one of the youngest and richest baseball players in MLB.

What was Gerrit Cole's Deal With the Yankees?

After the 2019 season with the Houston Astros, Gerrit Cole signed a mammoth 9-year contract with the Yankees worth $324 million. With his contract with the New York Yankees, Cole became the most expensive pitcher in Major League Baseball history.

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According to CBS Sports, Cole earns around $36 million in a year, topping the previous record of former World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg's seven-year deal worth $245 million with the Washington Nationals.

Why Does Gerrit Cole Wear 45?

In any sport, having a certain jersey number always holds a special place in the players? careers. And when it comes to Gerrit Cole, he also prefers to wear a specific number 45, while playing in MLB. From his MLB debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2013 season, his times at the Houston Astros, and now at the Yankees, Cole always wore 45 on his jersey.

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But there is a big reason why Cole chose to wear 45 instead of any other numbers. When Gerrit Cole was in college, he used to wear number 45 for his football team. And since then, Cole never wore any other number in his professional baseball career.

Even when Cole joined the Yankees in the 2019 season, number 45 was already taken by another Yankees star, Luke Voit. But somehow Voit managed to give the 45 number jersey to Cole, and he himself chose to wear 59 for the Yankees.

Does Gerrit Cole Have a World Series?

From money to fame, Gerrit Cole achieved these things at a very young age. But when it comes to the most prestigious trophy of MLB, Cole has never touched the World Series title in his 9 years long career.

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Though he has played the World Series games for the Houston Astros in the 2019 season, the Astros lost the title to the Washington Nationals. Apart from his gameplays, Cole's beard and his rookie card are also very famous among baseball fans.

In 2016, Gerrit Cole married his long-time girlfriend, Amy Crawford. Cole and his wife, Amy Crawford, studied together at UCLA college. He was a baseball player, while Amy was a softball player and a cheerleader for a baseball team.

Net Worth$50 million
WifeAmy Crawford
Salary$36 Million Per Year
Age31 Years Old
ChildrenOne Son
NationalityUS Citizen


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