Jim Harbaugh 2024: Net Worth, Career Statistics, Personal, and Early Life

James Joseph Harbaugh, popularly known as Jim Harbaugh, was born on December 23rd, 1963, and is the current head coach for the Los Angeles Chargers. In his career, he has coached many teams in both the NFL and at the college football level, including the Michigan Wolverines, the San Francisco 49ers, Stanford University, and the University of San Diego.

Jim Harbaugh’s early life and family

Harbaugh was born in Toledo, Ohio, to Jacqueline M. and Jack Harbaugh. Football is in the family roots as his father was an assistant football coach at nearby Perrysburg High School in Perrysburg. Jim Harbaugh has two brothers, John and Joani. John Harbaugh is also a highly successful football coach and has been the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL since 2008. Joani Harbaugh is married to Tom Crean, a college basketball coach.

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Before becoming a head coach, Jim Harbaugh played in the NFL for 14 years and even made the 1995 Pro Bowl. Jim Harbaugh attended Palo Alto High School in California, where he excelled in both football and basketball. He continued his education and football career at the University of Michigan, playing quarterback for the Wolverines from 1983 to 1986. After college, Jim Harbaugh was selected by the Chicago Bears in the first round of the 1987 NFL Draft.

After retiring from playing, Harbaugh transitioned to coaching. He has had coaching stints at various levels, including college and the NFL. Notably, he served as the head coach of the University of San Diego, Stanford University, and the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL, and later returned to coach his alma mater, the University of Michigan. He recently returned to his NFL roots and joined the Los Angeles Chargers as head coach.

Jim Harbaugh's personal life

Jim Harbaugh was previously married to Miah Harbaugh (Formerly Miah Johnson). The duo tied the knot in 1996 and went on to have 3 kids, namely, Addison and Katherine, and a son, James Jr.

While Jim Harbaugh is known for his success in the football world, information about his personal life, including details about his first marriage, has generally been kept private. However, rumors suggest that Jim might have had an affair, which ultimately led to their separation in 2006.

However, Jim married again in 2008. His current wife is Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh. In 2006, Jim Harbaugh and Sarah Harbaugh first encountered each other in the parking lot of a PF Chang's restaurant in Las Vegas. At that time, Sarah was residing in Las Vegas, involved in the real estate industry, while Jim was in town for a coaches' convention. Following their initial meeting, the couple developed a relationship that has since resulted in the birth of three children.

Jim Harbaugh's Net Worth in 2024

Jim Harbaugh's last reported net worth is $35 million. His former contract with Michigan as head coach him a $7.8 million salary annually. His current salary with the Los Angeles Chargers is a big leap, paying him $16 million annually. While playing for the Bears, Harbaugh bagged a whopping $13 million contract for 4 years.

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Harbaugh reportedly earned $250,000 for his involvement in Downy Wrinkle Guard commercials, where he showcased and protected his trademark khaki pants look.  During his time as a player, Harbaugh joined multiple big-name brands such as Pepsi, Visa, Fairlife Milk, and more to promote their products.

Jim Harbaugh Career Records

Throughout his NFL career, Jim Harbaugh showcased his quarterback prowess in 177 league games, boasting an impressive 140 starts. His passing skills were evident as he completed 2,305 of 3,918 passes, accumulating a total of 26,288 yards and securing 129 touchdowns.

Harbaugh's standout moments include his time with the Indianapolis Colts, where he earned the moniker "Captain Comeback." Renowned for his ability to engineer come-from-behind victories, he led the Colts to notable playoff wins against the Chiefs and Chargers during the 1995–96 NFL playoffs. His nearly successful upset against the No. 2 AFC seed Steelers further solidified his reputation as a clutch performer in the fourth quarter.

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In the Chicago Bears' record books, Harbaugh holds the second position for completions with 1,023, narrowly trailing behind Jay Cutler's record of 1,034. Additionally, he ranks second in attempts with 1,759 and third in yards, amassing a total of 11,567.

Recognizing his significant contributions to the Indianapolis Colts, Harbaugh was inducted into the team's Ring of Honor in January 2005. This honor underscores his status as one of the most successful and beloved players during the club's Indianapolis era.

However, his achievements don't just end there. Harbaugh has proved himself to be an excellent coach as well. He won the 2021 AP Coach of the Year Award along with the 2022 Big Ten Coach of the Year Award. Harbaugh also led Michigan to their first national title since 1997. Under his leadership, Michigan became the first team to be Big Ten champion to finish the season 15-0 and win the national title.

NFL Journey

Jim Harbaugh's NFL journey began in 1987 when he was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the first round of the NFL Draft. Over his seven-year tenure with the Bears, Harbaugh became a reliable and durable quarterback, setting franchise records for completions, attempts, and passing yards.

In 1994, he joined the Indianapolis Colts and gained widespread recognition for his ability to engineer come-from-behind victories, earning the moniker "Captain Comeback." The 1995–96 NFL playoffs showcased his prowess with notable wins against the Chiefs and Chargers. Despite a near-upset against the Steelers, Harbaugh's reputation as a clutch performer was firmly established. After retiring as a player, he seamlessly transitioned into coaching, and in January 2005, he was honored with induction into the Indianapolis Colts Ring of Honor, acknowledging his lasting impact on the franchise during its time in Indianapolis.

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Jim Harbaugh transitioned from the NFL to the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) coaching ranks in 2004. After concluding his playing career in the NFL, Harbaugh began his coaching career at the University of San Diego. He served as the head coach for the Toreros from 2004 to 2006, making a successful entry into the college football coaching landscape. Harbaugh's move to the NCAA marked the beginning of a coaching journey that would later include notable stints at Stanford University and ultimately at his alma mater, the University of Michigan.

However, Harbaugh would find his way back to his roots in the NFL as he joined the Los Angeles Chargers as their head coach on January 24th, 2024.

Jim Harbaugh advocacies

Jim Harbaugh, in addition to his achievements in football, has been an advocate for various social and political causes. On matters of personal belief, Harbaugh has expressed his opposition to abortion. In a podcast interview in April 2020, he described medical abortion as "horrendous" and emphasized the sanctity of life. His stance was further emphasized at an anti-abortion event in July 2022.

Another cause he holds close to his heart is the Black Lives Matter movement. In response to the tragic murder of George Floyd by a police officer, Harbaugh spoke out against injustice and called for accountability, stating that all injustice should be confronted and punished equally. He participated in an anti-police brutality protest in Ann Arbor on June 2, 2020, a week after Floyd's murder. Michigan offensive coach Josh Gattis credited Harbaugh and his family for their positive impact on African American coaches and players, recognizing their commitment to fairness and the promotion of black coaches in leadership roles. Former president Barack Obama also commended Harbaugh for his stance on racial equality, praising him for being on the right side of the issue.

NameJames Joseph Harbaugh
BornDecember 23rd, 1963
Place of BirthToledo, Ohio
CollegeUniversity of Michigan
ParentsMother - Jacqueline M

Father - Jack Harbaugh

PartnerSarah Harbaugh
KidsDaughters - Grace, Katherine, and Addison.

Sons - Jay Harbaugh, James Harbaugh, Jack, and John.

Position in the NFLHead Coach
NFL TeamLos Angeles Chargers



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