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Joscelyn Roberson net worth of 2023

Joscelyn Roberson is one of the celebrated American gymnasts. The surging star is the youngest member of the 2023 U.S. World Championships team at just 17 years old. Born on February 8, 2006, she has a net worth from $1 million to $5 million.

With that, she possesses a small stature, measuring 4 feet 8 inches and weighing 85 pounds. The athlete began her gymnastics journey at 6. She has the opportunity to hone her skills at the renowned World Champions Centre in Plano, Texas. That too under the expert guidance of coaches Laurent Landi and Cecile Canqueteau-Landi.

Further, the prodigy is known for her remarkable versatility. Roberson has fearlessly taken on all four gymnastic disciplines till now, vault, uneven bars, balance beam, & floor exercise. Out of which her prowess shines particularly bright in the vault. Her junior career has been nothing short of impressive.

Yet, behind every successful gymnast lies a solid support system. So in Roberson?s case. It is her parents and family. No doubt that she is a rising star. Her parents have played a pivotal role in nurturing her talent and guiding her on the path to becoming one of the world's best gymnasts.?

Meet the parents of Joscelyn Roberson

Meet Jeffrey Roberson and Ashley Roberson, a couple who began their journey as high school sweethearts and are the parents of three children, with Joscelyn being the youngest among them. In addition to Joscelyn, the Robersons are parents to two other siblings, a Brother and a sister.

Her mother and father have embraced the role of supporting their daughter's burgeoning gymnastics career wholeheartedly. Despite not having a background in gymnastics themselves while growing up in Texarkana.?

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Jeffrey, Joscelyn's father, once mentioned that he was an athlete, but in baseball. For him making gymnastics an entirely new and fascinating realm. However, since his daughter has an interest and passion for it, he chose to support her.

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As Joscelyn effortlessly converses in the gymnastics language, her father often uses? YouTube to research unfamiliar terms and techniques, allowing him to actively engage with terms Joscelyn enthusiastically shares with him. On the other hand, her mother Ashley, fully sports and cheers her daughter.?

However, gymnastics language isn't the sole thing where the athletes have faced challenges. Over the past few years, as Joscelyn advanced into higher-level competitions, her parents have encountered different obstacles. These include striking a balance between her rigorous training schedule and attending advanced virtual classes.

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Moreover, the Robersons emphasize the importance of supporting their daughter's mental well-being as ardently as her physical health. Competing at such a high level places immense pressure on Joscelyn, and the Robersons make it a priority to address these challenges together.?

Nonetheless, Ashley and Jeff mentioned in the interview with that they've openly discussed body image concerns. Just to ensure that if Joscelyn often doesn?t like her body, her parents understand and support her in every aspect of her gymnastics journey.

Her gymnastics career and achievements

Joscelyn Roberson is a true icon. A figure to consider as an idol. Her journey commenced at the age of 6 and there is no looking back by then. With her determination, hard work, and godspeed, she has consistently competed at the elite level till 2021. Her specialization lies in the vault. It boasts the formidable Yurchenko double pike vault, recognized as one of the world's most challenging vaults. Moreover, she demonstrates remarkable proficiency in executing the double-twisting Yurchenko (DTY).

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Roberson's debut on the senior stage at the 2022 Winter Cup and clinched her vault title. This victory helped her in participating in the U.S. Classic and the National Championships in 2022. The subsequent year, in 2023, she secured the vault title at the U.S. Championships while also attaining the silver medal for her performances on the balance beam and in floor exercise.

Now, her future in gymnastics appears exceptionally promising. Roberson is all set to become a significant asset to the USA national team for the foreseeable future. Some noteworthy highlights from her career thus far encompass winning the vault title at the 2022 Winter Cup and the 2023 U.S. Championships, as well as securing silver medals in the balance beam and floor exercise categories at the 2023 U.S. Championships.

Notably, Roberson's recent achievements include her fourth-place finish at the U.S. women?s Artistic World Championships & American Games Selection Camp. Here her remarkable score of 54.900 solidified her position among the top five competitors. She is now ready to commence in Antwerp, Belgium, alongside decorated gymnastic legend Simone Biles spanning from September 30th till 8th Oct 2023.

A decision that changed her life?

The journey for the young gymnast was never a cakewalk. The champion had her share of challenges, fears, and falls on the journey. Starting from humble beginnings and rising to compete alongside the legendary Simone Biles. However, there's an intriguing twist to her narrative.?

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Last September, her mother, Ashley Roberson, got a new job in Houston. This career move necessitated the Roberson family's relocation from Texarkana, Texas, where Joscelyn had spent years training at Northeast Texas Elite.

This move, though initially daunting. Joscelyn didn?t want to move initially, but destiny had its plans. The move of places allowed her to train at the World Championships Centre, a gymnastics training facility situated just 30 minutes north of Houston and owned by the Simone Biles family.

Reflecting on this pivotal moment during the recent U.S. Gymnastics Championships in San Jose, California, Joscelyn openly shared her feelings with reporters. She confessed, "I was so scared. At that point, I didn't want to go because it was kind of my mom's decision. She was moving for her job, so she was like, 'Okay, you're gonna come with me.'"

Despite her initial apprehension, just one year after joining this new facility, Joscelyn is now poised to make her debut at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships at the young age of 17, establishing herself as an inspirational figure in the world of gymnastics.


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