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Justin Herbert Injury Update: Worrisome News Emerges For Chargers Moments Ahead of Week 3 Matchup Against Jaguars

September 25, 2022

$1.8 Million Purchase Puts Chargers QB Justin Herbert Alongside Multi-Millionaires Tom Brady And Patrick Mahomes In Rare & Prestigious Club

September 25, 2022

Justin Herbert Injury Update: Chargers QB Gives Fans Hope After Picking Unfortunate Fracture Against Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs

September 24, 2022

Justin Herbert Injury Update: LA Chargers QB’s Situation Grim After Running Into Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs in Week 2

September 18, 2022

‘Sad’ Patrick Mahomes Shows Rare Case of Fear Ahead of Facing This Defensive Monster in Kansas City Chiefs’ Week 2 Game

September 17, 2022

“I Just Woke My Grandbaby!!”: Brittany Mahomes, Along With Chiefs’ Fandom Go Berserk After Patrick ‘Superman’ Mahomes Brings Home a Nerve Wrecking Thursday Night Football Game

September 16, 2022

Brittany Mahomes Surprises Patrick Mahomes on Thursday Night Football With This Heartwarming Gesture

September 16, 2022

How Deshaun Watson’s $230M Contract With Cleveland Browns Changed the NFL’s QB Game Forever and How It’s Strongly Affecting Other Contracts?

September 11, 2022

NFL Twitter In Disbelief as Matthew Stafford Throws an Easy 100 Yard TD With NFL’s New Ball: “Feels Like Old ‘Draft Me’ Fantasy Football Commercials”

August 31, 2022

NFL Analyst Excludes Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray and More From Elite QB List Comprising Brady, Mahomes, Rodgers: “Derek Carr’s Darn Close”

August 3, 2022