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“Sometimes You’ve Gotta Remind People of Who You Are”: Lamar Jackson Gets Firey Motivation After Getting Snubbed From Top 10 QB List

July 14, 2022

Warren Sapp’s ‘Disaster’ Take on Colin Kaepernick’s Workout Is Not Something Every Player Can Do, Explains All Pro De

July 3, 2022

“I’m on Kaepernick’s Side on This One”: Stupidity Deflecting NFL Veteran Calls Out Warren Sapp’s Ignorance on Colin Kaepernick & Workout Debate

July 2, 2022

“There Are No Bad Kids… Just Bad Parents”: Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving Get Absolved of Any Wrongdoing in Mega Brooklyn Nets Debacle by NFL Veteran

July 2, 2022

“Either Kevin Durant Is a Bad Partner or Kevin Durant Is a Bad Picker”: Trade Request From Brooklyn Nets Opens Up Past Transgressions for 2X NBA Champ

July 1, 2022

NFL Veteran Torches Shaquille O’Neal for Being Unhappy With 7 ft NBA Star Making $250 Million: ‘Michael Jordan’s Career Earnings Is $93 Million’

July 1, 2022

Dallas Cowboys 2022 Hopes Don’t Look So Good as NFL Veterans Debate if America’s Team Can Even Win One Playoff Game: “They Were Getting Spanked”

July 1, 2022

Former NFL Star Names Chris Rock the Center Piece of Dave Chappelle’s Unfortunate Onstage Blitz

May 7, 2022

“Boom or Bust” Michael Jordan Trashed for Only Making 6 Finals Compared to Lebron James’ 10: “I’m either Going to Be 1 or 2”

March 19, 2022

“You’re Making the Millions, You’re Doing the Media”: NFL Great Calls Naomi Osaka Out After French Open 2021 Pullout

June 5, 2021