Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 by Insomniac Games is just around the corner. The much-awaited sequel to 2018's celebrated title Marvel's Spider-Man is set to take Sony's virtual spider verse to a whole new level. The Insomniac Games' developed giant is tipped to be the biggest superhero game ever made, which is saying something.

Being considered a strong contender for the Game of the Year, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has a lot of new innovations that the fans cannot wait to experience on their PlayStation next-gen console. The constant reveals have also hinted at a completely unpredictable narrative for all web heads out there. Let's take a look at everything there is to know.

When does Spider-Man 2 come out?

The PlayStation exclusive will arrive on the PS5 on October 20, 2023. For those who have pre-ordered, preloads will start a week before the release.

The cost of the game's basic edition is $69.99. While the digital deluxe edition will cost $79.99. For this, players will get a digitally enhanced version of Spider-Man 2 that includes two extra in-game skill points, two additional photo mode items, and five additional, distinctive costumes for Miles and Peter Parker. For $229.99, Sony's online site also offers a unique collector's edition with a 19-inch statue of both wall crawlers battling Venom.

Story and Characters

The story picks up almost a year after the events of 2020's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. New York will have 2 web slingers to overcome the hurdles of chaos and save the city, together!?

After the heroics of the first game and the subsequent Miles Morales expansion, Peter and Miles have a new chapter to their stories. With Peter reunited with his childhood best friend Harry Orsborn, it seems there is a new twist in the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man's story.

The map will be twice as big with Queens and Brooklyn added to the map, along with Coney Island. So there will be a lot more exploring and web-swinging for players.


As revealed by devs and widely promoted as one of the biggest selling points of the game, Peter Parker and Miles Morales both will be playable protagonists. Both these characters will also make progress in their respective worlds as the story of the new installment unfolds. And for the first time, players will be able to cross paths with the other Spider-Man while playing as, well, Spider-Man.


While NYC will have 2 Spideys, it still won't be easy. The game will include the following villains:

Venom:?The infamous villain turned antihero will play a pivotal role in the game. The symbiote story was set up in Spider-Man (2018).

Lizard:?Dr. Curt Connors will have made his transformation to the Lizard and will lose control. And as seen in the reveals, it will be up to Peter to help Connors.

Kraven: Kraven the hunter will make his way to New York for his biggest hunt yet! And while he's there to hunt Spider-Man, he will also be hunting the lizard as revealed in gameplay trailers.

Grizzly: Previously revealed in a story trailer, Grizzly will feature for the first time as well.

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Mr Negative:?Martin Li will also return to the game. While the extent of his role in the game is not known, one thing is for sure. Miles will get a chance to get closure for his father's death.

While these are the villains confirmed so far, there are more who will appear. They may not be pivotal to the main story but will be involved.

  • Wraith: Yuri, Peter's police buddy from the first game, will return. In the Spider-Man DLC: The City That Never Sleeps, we see Yuri's story take a dark turn when going up against Hammerhead. She will return as a villain, having decided to leave her police badge behind and take matters into her own hands.

  • Mysterio: The master of illusions was also teased in a recent reveal. However, it remains unknown how he fits into the story.

Some more villains are rumored to return:

  • Tombstone

  • Prowler

  • Task Master

  • Black Cat (Although, she's not exactly a villain)

Will Marvel's Spider-Man 2 come to other console platforms??

Sony's upcoming Spider-Man installment is set to be released only as a PlayStation exclusive. Although there is a strong possibility of a PC release in the near future, the game won't be available on any other platform besides PlayStation 5 in the early months of its launch.?


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