Mattia Binotto

Mattia Binotto: Net Worth, Salary, and Endorsements

Mattia Binotto, originally an Italian, is the team principal of the Italian Giants, Scuderia Ferrari.

He joined the Ferrari team in 1995 and has been with them ever since.  Following a long journey in different technical departments, finally, in 2019, he became the team principal.

Binotto attained a Bachelor’s degree in Vehicle Engineering in 1994. Following that, he earned a Master’s in Motor Vehicle Engineering too.

According to internet sources, Mattia Binotto has a Net Worth estimated at $1-$5 million. The salary is still under review of the new team’s boss.

He leads a luxurious life and has a housing property built in Modena, Italy. He along with that possesses several cars in his garage.

Mattia Binotto Stats and Career in Ferrari

Mattia Binotto after completion of his education joined the team. He started working in the team as a trainee in 1995. However, he continued working in the Engine department till 2003 for the racing team.

In 2007, the Italian gained the position of Chief Engineer. Following that, he subsequently become the Head of Engine and KERS Operations in 2009.

While in 2013 he held the rank of Deputy Director in the Engineers field. He was also recognized as Chief Operating Officer additionally.

In 2016, the team appointed him as the Chief Technical Officer of the team.  Finally, following the trail to be the Team Principal in 2019.

Not only was he the Team Principal but also partially responsible for the technical department too.

Moreover, he told the official Ferrari magazine that he takes care of communications, marketing, sponsorship, and legal duties, among others.

He noted that as Technical Director he used to spend a lot. However, the opposite became true when he became Team Principal.

Mattia Binotto Family

Mattia Binotto does not disclose many details to the media. Conversely, he prefers enveloping major personal details.

He has tied the knot with Sabina Binotto. The couple has two kids too. The daughter identified as Chiara Binotto while the son is Marco Binotto.

How to contact Mattia Binotto?

Binotto holds no social media handles. However, some information about him is available on Wikipedia.

Mattia Binotto: Quick Facts

AGE 51
SPOUSE Sabina Binotto
RESIDENCE Lausanne, Switzerland

Modena, Italy

HEIGHT 6’ 2’’-6’3’’
CHILDREN 2- Marco Binotto and Chiara Binotto
Ethnicity Swiss-Italian, White
CARS Ferrari GTC4Lusso, Ferrari F12, Porsche Cayenne Turbo