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Mike Elliott

Mike Elliott: 2021 Net Worth, Salary, and Endorsements

Mike Elliott is the current technical director at the Mercedes F1 team. Having joined the team as the Head of Aerodynamics in 2012, he was then promoted to Technology Director in 2017. Elliott has now replaced James Allison as the technical director, who has taken up the role of the Chief Technical Officer.



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Mike Elliott: Mercedes

Mike Elliott's journey with Mercedes began all the way back in 2012 when he left his Principal Aerodynamicist position with Renault F1 to become the Head of Aerodynamics at the German team.

Now, having been promoted to Technical Director as James Allison's successor, he said, "It is an incredible privilege to be part of this team and I know that the leadership strength at every level through the company will be vital to our future success.

"I can’t wait to get started and to tackle the many exciting technical challenges ahead of us in the next months and years."

Toto Wolff also believes it is the right time to promote Mike as the technical director.


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He said, "Mike has developed from our Head of Aerodynamics to now being ready to take the step up to become Technical Director. Together with an exceptional group of senior technical leaders, this puts us in the best possible position for the sport’s next era."

Describing Mike as a 'fearsomely good engineer' in an interview with The Race, James said, “He works as one of the group of people that really have built the foundation on which these championships have been won.”

Mike Elliott: Career


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Mercedes, or even Renault, weren't Elliott's first outing in F1. In fact, he became a part of F1 all the way back in 2000, joining McLaren as an Aerodynamicist. He then served as a trackside Aerodynamicist from 2003 to 2006, before being promoted to Team Leader, Aerodynamic Performance, at the Woking outfit.

In 2008, he switched teams by taking up the Principal Aerodynamicist job at Renault F1. He left the team four years later in favor of the Head of Aerodynamics role at Mercedes in 2012.