Paris Olympics 2024

A brief introduction to Paris Olympics 2024

In 2024, the world's attention will turn to Paris as the iconic city is going to host the prestigious Olympic Games. The Paris Olympics 2024 mark a significant moment, as the Games return to the French capital for the first time in a century. With a legacy dating back to the 1900 and 1924 Olympics, Paris proudly continues its tradition of welcoming athletes and spectators worldwide. 

Renowned for its rich history, cultural vibrancy, and passion for sport, the stage of Paris is all set for an unforgettable celebration of athleticism and unity. As the curtains will very soon open for the Paris Olympics 2024, it is predicted that these games will leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all. 

When are the Olympic Games and who all will be there?

The Paris Olympics 2024 dates are scheduled from July 26 to August 11, 2024. The event will draw billions of worldwide viewers, with approximately 350,000 hours of TV broadcast coverage. Millions of spectators are anticipated to attend various events across the 41 venues in Paris.

Around 10,500 athletes from all over the world will participate in various sports and events during the games. The French team is automatically qualified as the host country. But, other teams have to win the world championship, their confederation's tournament, or be among the top 17 in the Olympic Ranking List for the Paris Olympics 2024 qualification. 

Additionally, approximately 20,000 accredited journalists will be covering the event, providing global updates and insights to audiences. Volunteers, numbering around 31,500, will assist in various capacities to ensure the smooth running of the games. Moreover, the Athletes' Village will serve over 600,000 meals daily to athletes, coaches, staff, and officials during the event.

What are the major events?

According to the Paris Olympics 2024 schedule, it will feature 329 medal events across 32 sports.

This year, as a brand new attraction, these games will include one brand new sport: breaking. Other than these, skateboarding, sport climbing, and surfing will be back at the Olympics after debuting at the Tokyo Olympics.

Here is a breakdown of each sport’s name and medal events:

  • Aquatics

Medal events: 49 (35 swimming, 2 artistic swimming, 2 marathon swimming, 8 diving, 2 water polo)

  • Archery

Medal events: 5

  • Athletics

Medal events: 48

  • Badminton

Medal events: 5

  • Basketball

Medal events: 4

  • Boxing

Medal events: 13

  • Breaking

Medal events: 2

  • Canoeing

Medal events: 16 (10 sprint, 6 slaloms)

  • Cycling

Medal events: 22 (12 track, 4 road, 2 BMX racing, 2 BMX freestyle, 2 mountain biking)

  • Equestrian

Medal events: 6 (2 dressage, 2 eventing, 2 jumping)

  • Fencing

Medal events: 12

  • Field hockey

Medal events: 2

  • Golf

Medal events: 2

  • Gymnastics

Medal events: 18 (14 artistic gymnastics, 2 rhythmic gymnastics, 2 trampoline)

  • Handball

Medal events: 2

  • Judo

Medal events: 15

  • Modern pentathlon

Medal events: 2

  • Rowing

Medal events: 14

  • Rugby

Medal events: 2

  • Sailing

Medal events: 10

  • Shooting

Medal events: 15

  • Skateboarding

Medal events: 4

  • Soccer

Medal events: 2

  • Sport climbing

Medal events: 4

  • Surfing

Medal events: 2

  • Table tennis

Medal events: 5

  • Taekwondo

Medal events: 8

  • Tennis

Medal events: 5

  • Triathlon

Medal events: 3

  • Volleyball

Medal events: 4 (2 volleyball, 2 beach volleyball)

  • Weightlifting

Medal events: 10

  • Wrestling

Medal events: 18 (12 freestyle wrestling, 6 Greco-Roman)

Where will be the major events held?

The Games will shine around the capital. It will be held from Les Yvelines to Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-et-Marne, and Seine-Saint-Denis. There will be 15 Olympic venues in central Paris. Also, the marathon swimming, triathlon, and para-triathlon events will take place in the capital's Seine River.

  • The Stade de France will be the venue for the main athletic events. Six regional cities will stage for the Paris Olympics 2024 football matches.


  • Marseille, on the Mediterranean coast. This place will host the sailing game.


  • And, the surfing will occur in Teahupo'o, in Tahiti. This is a French overseas territory in the South Pacific.

Paris Olympics 2024 brings something new!

Like the previous years, the Paris Olympics in 2024 will not be an exception. The game will include a number of new elements. However, this year, the inclusion of breaking as an official sport at the Paris 2024 Olympics marks a significant moment in recognizing urban dance culture within the global sports community. 

Breaking, originating from the streets of the Bronx in the 1970s, has evolved into a highly skilled and respected art form, embodying athleticism, creativity, and cultural expression.

However, the decision to include Breaking in the Paris 2024 Olympics underscores the evolving nature of the Olympic Games, embracing new forms of athleticism and cultural significance. As Breaking athletes, known as B-Boys and B-Girls, prepare to showcase their talent on the world stage, the event promises to captivate audiences with its dynamic energy and creativity.

With La Concorde set as the backdrop for the Breaking competition, spectators can anticipate an electrifying atmosphere as competitors engage in intense 1v1 battles to the rhythm of random beats curated by a DJ. This fusion of music, movement, and competition embodies the spirit of Breaking, celebrating its roots in hip-hop culture while embracing its evolution as a recognized sport.

Paris Olympics 2024 logo

The Paris Olympics 2024 logo is composed of five indivisible elements. These elements also reflect our ideal actions and show who we are. However, for the first time in history, the Olympics and Paralympics will use the same emblem as logos. 

The Paris Olympics 2024 symbol is a combination of three separate elements: the gold medal, the flame, and Marianne (the female figure representing the French Republic). 

Paris Olympic 2024 Mascot

The Paris 2024 Olympic mascot is named "Olympic Phryg," inspired by the Phrygian cap, a symbol of freedom and revolution. It represents allegorical figures of the French Republic, embodying the values of liberty, equality, and also fraternity. The choice of the mascot reflects the spirit of the Olympic Games and the cultural significance of France. However, this year a pair named "Les Phryges" will represent the Olympics as mascots. 

What to expect from the Paris 2024 Olympics opening ceremony

The Paris 2024 Olympics opening ceremony promises to be unique and memorable. The opening ceremony will feature a spectacular floating parade along the Seine River. Athletes representing 200 countries will board 100 boats for a 3.7-mile journey. This parade will offer a visually stunning and symbolic start to the Olympic Games.

The parade route will wind past significant landmarks in Paris, including the National Library and the Cathedral of Notre Dame. The floating parade symbolizes unity and cooperation among nations as they celebrate the Olympic spirit. 

After the river parade, athletes will gather in a stadium in the Trocadero park to light the Olympic Flame. 

Overall, the Paris 2024 Olympics opening ceremony promises to be a grand and innovative spectacle. It will be a momentous occasion that captures the world's attention and sets the stage for an unforgettable Olympic Games.

How to get tickets for Paris Olympics 2024  

Paris Olympics 2024 tickets are on sale to everyone worldwide. However, they are sold on a "first come, first served" basis. Anyone can buy the tickets through the official Paris 2024 website. Many sessions are already sold out, as people are crazy to be part of this prestigious Olympics and want to see their admiring champions competing. 

But there is nothing to worry about. New batches of tickets are regularly added so everyone can get the chance. However, the prices start at 24 euros (£21) for the Olympic events and 15 euros (£13) for the Paralympic games. 

How to watch the 2024 Paris Olympics

Though the Paris Olympics will go from July 26-Aug to 11, 2024, but the Opening Ceremony for the games will take place on July 26. There will be various events such as handball, rugby, soccer, and archery starting on July 24 and 25.

NBC and Peacock will broadcast live Olympic events, including finals in track, field, swimming, and gymnastics, both morning and afternoon. NBC will provide nine hours of daily daytime coverage. Also, there will be an enhanced three-hour primetime show in every night during the games. These will feature behind-the-scenes access, new technology, and athlete insights.

Also, Peacock will stream all sports and events live during the Summer Olympics, a first for the streaming service, alongside GOLF Channel, USA Network, Telemundo, CNBC, E!, and Universo.


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