Rusev 2021: Net Worth, Salary, & Endorsements

Few professional wrestlers can say that they have had as dynamic a career as the one and only Rusev. Miroslav Barnyashev has come a long way from the ring in Bulgaria.

He left his hometown to fulfill his dream in America and wrestled for various promotions across the country before he hit a stroke of luck.

Seeing his drive and natural love for the sport, WWE legend Rikishi and Gangrel trained him. Learning from the best, he quickly picked up the ways of the business.?

It took him 2 years to be noticed by a very young NXT, then known as FCW. Performing under the brand, he shortened his name to Miroslav and competed with other developmental talents.?

WWE Career

He had to push his way through all the other Superstars to earn his place on the main roster. Rusev finally broke his ties with NXT storylines to make his debut in the 2014 Royal Rumble as the 6th entrant.

Fighting through several injuries, Rusev made his way to the main roster for good. Alongside his wife, Lana, Rusev changed his name from ?Miroslav? to the one we know him as.

His gimmick saw him become a Russian character, along with Lana. His new role as a Russian made him a politically inspired heel which actually worked. However, this role earned him a lot of flak in his hometown.

Unbeaten run

As the ?Hero of the Russian Federation?, WWE was trying to go for the Rock IV antagonists Ivan Drago and his wife Ludmilla. ?Lana and he earned themselves a lot of boos when Rusev made his way to the ring.

At that moment, he was the perfect heel. Rusev wrecked Zack Ryder (Matt Cardona) on his main roster debut and made a statement. He then went on a hot road of wins to meet Sheamus.

?The Celtic Warrior? was no match for the tank who defeated him to claim the United States Championship. You can only imagine how much more the audience turned on him- a heel Russian holding the United States Championship.

Fight against John Cena

?Rusev Machka? was unbeaten for a long time. At that moment, he was the most dominant Superstar in WWE. Things were good for him until John Cena entered his life.

Being made into the typical patriot that we know him as, once again, John Cena faced off with Rusev in a major storyline. Inevitably, the Bulgarian was made the big loser. Initially defending his title at Fastlane, Rusev lost everything at WrestleMania.?

Cena defeated Rusev to claim the title, and the only thing he got out of that event was one of the best WrestleMania entrances. He challenged Cena again at Payback in an ?I Quit? match. Needless to say, Rusev was buried.

Rusev Day

The Bulgarian never really recovered from that decisive defeat. His next major gig would come with ?Rusev Day.' This gimmick made him reach a new level of popularity. Fans chanted it non-stop, and he was the buzz everywhere.

Shockingly, Rusev was never used during the peak of his gimmick?s popularity. It soon died down and when the crowd forgot about it, he was brought back.

In a later interview, the Superstar revealed that Vince McMahon and the writers had purposely not booked him for any matches because they intentionally wanted to crush the popularity of his gimmick.

End of WWE stint

Rusev suffered a crushing loss vs The Undertaker later at the Greatest Royal Rumble event, pushing him further down the ladder.

He subsequently saw a lot of bad storylines and the last one against Bobby Lashley saw him lose his own wife Lana to "The All-Mighty. "

He was let go by WWE in April 2020 as part of their budget cuts due to the pandemic. However, this did not stop him from following his passion.

AEW debut

Rusev debuted for AEW in September 2020 as the best man for Kip Sabian?s wedding and renamed himself, Miro. In his singles debut, he defeated Trent by making him tap out to the Game Over, formerly known as the Accolade.

His gimmick of a gamer/streamer is picked up from his real-life love for video games. Miro has a Twitch stream and a YouTube channel.

Rusev net worth

Miro has a net worth of $1 million in 2021. He earns a good $250,000, a figure which will surely increase over the months.?

Rusev stats

Rusev is yet to add more titles to his collection, but he hasn?t done too bad in his career so far. He is a three-time WWE United States Champion, a belt which has come to be the highlight of his Wrestling days.

Rusev foundation and charity

Rusev and his wife Lana may have played heel characters in the ring, but outside it, they are pretty generous people. They took part in a charity mixed match to donate the money received to Global Citizen, a group looking to end extreme poverty around the world.

In May 2020, he pledged $20,000 as a donation to help wrestlers let go by WWE to deal with their expenses. He has shown a heart-warming concern for those that did not have a cushion to fall back on.

How to contact Rusev

Rusev can be contacted through his social media accounts

Twitter: @ToBeMiro

Instagram: @tobemiro

BornDecember 25, 1984 (36 years)
Net Worth?$1 million
AccomplishmentsWWE United States Champion?

( x 3 )

SpouseCJ Perry (WWE superstar Lana)
Residence?Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Ring namesMiro (Current), Rusev, Miroslav, Miroslav Makarov
Height6 ft 0 in (183 cm)
Weight304 lb
Trained By?Rikishi, Gangrel?
Debut (AEW)September 9, 2020