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Sage Kimzey, Net Worth 2023, Achievements?and?Titles

Sage Kimzey net worth 2023

Sage Steele Kimzey is a name that echoes through the space of bull riding and beyond. The PBR and PRCA cowboy has broken numerous records throughout his career becoming one of the most popular riders of his time. Sage as of 2023 holds a net worth estimated at $100K - $1M. Alongside his winning performances at rodeo events, brand deals with American Hat Company, Polaris, Bloomer Truck, and more, have led Sage to become the youngest millionaire in PRCA history.?

Apart from his career-focused ventures, Sage has another feather in his hat. Kimzey has been featured in Tom Brady's documentary, "The Religion of Sports," a Bleacher Report segment for the Super Bowl, a catalog for Harrod's, and various media campaigns.?

The world champion?s PRCA career and earnings

Sage Kimzey got into the world of rodeo as a little kid. The interest bloomed from his family where Sage?s dad took him to events as a baby. The inspiration had Kimzey try out the sport starting from mutton bustin?. With his growing interest, Sage professionally began his bull riding career in 2014 when he joined the PRCA.?

In his first year as a bull rider, Sage became the first Rookie since 1963 to win a World Title and a Rookie Title in the same year; 1st of his 7 world titles. At the National Finals Rodeo (NFR )of 2014, his earnings of $175,466 were the highest of the event. From then on, Sage has gone on to win 7 World Titles in -2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2021- 3 NFR Average titles, and 8 NFR qualifications; according to

In 2016, he became the youngest millionaire in PRCA during the Wrangler NFR aged 22; with $311,462 in earnings. In 2021 alone, Sage attended about 110 rodeo events and rode atop approximately 175 bulls. After a rocky road, Sage now stands tall with career earnings of over $3 Million. His current stats read: 7 90-point rides, 91 Rodeo Wins throughout his career, and a 60% Average Riding Percentage.

A successful wife behind a successful cowboy

Through his journey of success, Sage has always had his life partner, Alexis Bloomer along. Alexis besides her celebrity husband, has been a star in her own right. Bloomer is a known award-winning journalist, host, entrepreneur, and author.?

Through her professional journey, Bloomer has hosted her podcast, Spotlight: Girl Talk with fellow cowgirls and has also stood to interview riders for for Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. She has further authored books called Good Girl, Bad World, and Kindness is Key. Bloomer for her recent project also has ventured into new business to introduce her collection of safe scents for perfumes and candles.?

The duo speculatively bonded in 2015 as Alexis immersed herself in the media world of rodeo. She first started by writing for a rodeo publication, Rodeo News, and now continues to engage in reporting several events.

The Kimzey family?s youngest member

A little over a year into their married life, the Kimzey couple welcomed the newest addition to the family on 25 January 2022; Steele Randall Kimzey. The little guy arrived seven weeks early with many complications to the procedure. However, both Sage and Alexis confirmed that despite all, Steele remained strong and healthy.?

Sage Kimzey expressed that Seetle has helped him put perspective on things and that he now understands why he has done everything he has done. The little guy almost 2-year-old is often seen present at rodeo events tagging along with his cowboy father.?

The cowboy brothers

Sage Kimzey?s father was a PRCA barrelman who worked at the NFR during the 80s. The passion was passed on not just to Sage but to sister Jennifer and brother Trey as well. However, while Jennifer went on to pursue a different route, Trey followed Sage into bull riding. In 2019, Trey Kimzey made his professional debut at the NFR and secured a qualification to make it to Vegas.?

That year, Trey finished 15th in the world standings with $124,930 while Sage claimed his 6th World Title. The two brothers have expressed their reliance on each other and their continued support. Sage stated that he feels calm having Trey around while the latter stated that he gets to pick the champion?s brains.?

In 2020, Trey finished the season at 2nd and climbed the ladder to 7th in 2022 with $201,999 in earnings. He currently has 2 NFR qualifications, places 6th in the event, and stands with career earnings of $423,749.?

Major injury at the Cheyenne Frontier Days

Sage Kimzey has been no stranger to injuries as a bull rider. However, his fall at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in 2023 was the most grueling one of all; incurred during the event?s semi-final round.

Sage Kimzey was riding atop Devil's Revenge on the 28th of July when he was bucked off before the 8-second buzzer. The fall landed Sage on his left shoulder which left him with A broken clavicle, displaced bicep tendon, and rotator cuff damage. The incident, followed by surgery forced Kimzey to sit out six weeks of the season missing out on the first half of the 2023 PBR Team Series.?

Sage is an important rider for the Carolina Cowboys. The team sustained the beat of the champion?s injury having to sit out of the matches. However, on September 16th, Sage was given an all-clear to ride. His performance for the night gave the team a winning score. The momentum continued as Sage rode atop Mike?s Motive to gain a 91-point ride.?The grounding presence and performance of Kimzey await more World Titles to his name as he continues to persist in the field.


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