Serena Williams

Serena Williams’ Net Worth, Salary and Endorsements

American tennis star Serena Williams is considered to be one of the best tennis players in the world. It is said that she could even rival her male counterparts. She has claimed 23 Grand Slam titles and 331 match wins to her credit. She has reached the number 1 rank and became the oldest female player to do so.

Serena Williams is estimated to be worth about $180 million. She earns more than $8 million a year through her playing.

On-court Achievements

As mentioned earlier, the American has numerous records to her name. She has claimed a grand total of 72 singles titles and 23 doubles titles.

She has even bagged Olympic gold medals in Sydney, Beijing and London Olympics. As of now, she is currently ranked 16th in the world. She was out of action for a while due to maternal reasons but has managed to pull off a comeback since then.

Serena Williams’ Endorsements

Being one of the most marketable players, it isn’t surprising that she is flooded with endorsements. Her sponsors include Nike, Wilson, Gatorade, Delta Air Lines, Aston Martin, Pepsi, Beats by Dre headphones, IBM, Intel, and Chase Bank.

Williams is also the Chief Sporting Officer for Aston Martin. She penned the contract back in June 2015.

Foundations and Charity Work

Williams has become heavily involved in social change throughout her career. She has used social media as a means to express her views. Back in 2016 when the Black Lives Matter movement was flooding the world, she also voiced her concerns. The former World number 1 has reportedly donated more that $600 million to charity

In 2008, Williams provided aid to fund construction of a Secondary School in Kenya. The foundation also helps underprivileged children attain university scholarships in the United States. In 2016, she partnered with Helping Hands Jamaica to build the Salt Marsh Primary School for Jamaican youth.

Age 37
Marital Status Married
Spouse Alexis Ohanian
Residence Florida
Nationality USA
Endorsements Nike, Wilson, Gatorade, Delta Air Lines, Aston Martin, Pepsi, Beats by Dre headphones, IBM