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Shericka Jackson is one of the most prominent figures in track and field. Jackson predominantly competes in 100-meter, 200-meter, and 400-meter heats. Jackson particularly specializes in the 200- and 400-meter categories and has been a dominant force in these disciplines. She is most widely regarded as one of the greatest runners of all time.

As of 2023, her net worth was reported to be around $5 million. In May 2023, she was the top Diamond League earner in the world and topped the list of 20 athletes around the world. The primary source of her income stems from the prize money she earns participating in various professional track and field events. Jackson currently endorses Scotiabank, which is a Canadian multinational banking and financial services company. She has also signed an endorsement deal with sporting apparel brand Puma.

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Jackson, born on July 16, 1994, in Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica, to Desmond Jackson and Diana Llewellyn, has a brother named Ian Jackson. She initiated her track and field journey at Steer Town Academy and later transferred to Vere Technical High School to further her education while pursuing her athletic aspirations.

Competing at Vere Technical, Jackson began carving out her name in the athletic world. Having excelled at Vere Technical, she secured victory in the 200m at the national trials and has been representing Jamaica in this event since her youth days.


Shericka Jackson has been making headlines since 2008, when she started to participate in various competitions like the CACAC Junior Championships and the CARIFTA Games. She started her career as a 400-meter runner and later transitioned to shorter divisions, like 100 meters and 200 meters.

She also made a significant impact at events like the 2010 Youth Olympics, the 2011 World Youth Championships, where she was placed third, and the 2012 World Junior Championships.

In 2015, she made history at the age of 21 when she finished a 400-meter heat in under 51 seconds, followed by another 400-meter finish in under 50 seconds in the same year in June.

During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she secured a bronze medal in 100 meter after a 10.76-second finish, which was also a new personal best for her.

She achieved a significant milestone in her career in 2022 when she became the world champion in the 200 meter after clocking an incredible time of 21.45 seconds, which was also the second fastest finish in the women's category at that time. In the 100-meter heat, she claimed a silver after a finish of 10.73 seconds.

With this, she also became the seventh-fastest woman in the world. In that same year, she secured victory in the 200-meter Diamond League final in Zurich, completing the heat in an impressive 21.82 seconds.

Jackson is the reigning world champion in the 200 meters currently and has successfully defended her title with a dominant finish at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest. She bettered her time of 21.45 seconds and crossed the finish line in 21.41 seconds on the Budapest tracks.

Jackson is currently ranked number one in the 200-meter women's rankings and is the fastest woman alive in the same category and the second fastest overall after America's Florence Griffith Joyner. She also managed to secure a silver in the 100-meter category after crossing the finish line in 10.72 seconds at the same event.

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Apart from these triumphs, Jackson is a prominent 4x100-meter runner and has three Olympic medals in the relay category. She won her first Olympic medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, where she secured a bronze and silver in the 400 meter and 4x400 meter, respectively. During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she won two bronze medals in 100 meters and 4x400 meters and a gold in 4x100 meters.


Holds the record for the fastest woman alive in the 200 meters: 21.41 seconds

2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics: Silver in 4x400 meter relay and bronze in the 400 meter

2020 Tokyo Olympics: Bronze in 100 meter and 4x400 meter relay and gold in 4x100 meter

2015 Beijing World Championships: Gold in the 4x400 m relay

2019 Doha World Championships: Gold in the 4x100 m relay

2022 Eugene World Championships: Gold in 200 meters, silver in 100 meters, and 4x100 meters

2023 Budapest World Championships: Gold in 200 meters, silver in 100 meters, and 4x100 meters

2022 Diamond League: Gold in 200 meters


The rivalry between Sha'Carri Richardson and Shericka Jackson began as both athletes aimed to excel on the track. However, the two of them never shy away from appreciating each other's talent and are recognized for the mutual respect they share.

Yet, amidst their camaraderie, one thing remains constant, and that is their unwavering determination to outshine each other every time they step onto the track. A few months ago, Richardson posted an all-time best record for herself at the USATF 100-meter meet after crossing the finish line in 10.71 seconds. The very next day, Jackson broke this record and posted a new time of 10.65 seconds.

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Their rivalry once again was on full display during the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest, when Sha'Carri went past Jackson to become the 100-meter world champion. Later in the championships, Jackson defeated Sha'Carri to become the 200-meter world champion with a new world record. But their camaraderie was also seen during the 200-meter semi-finals of the same world championships, when both of them shared a heartwarming hug after Sha'Carri qualified for the finals.

Even as Jackson clinched the 200-meter world championship, leaving Sha'Carri behind by a substantial margin, Sha'Carri rushed towards Jackson, and the two shared a heartfelt embrace, displaying their sisterhood once again.


As of September 2023, there have been no reports of her dating anyone, and she has not been previously engaged either. Currently, she is fully dedicated to her career and is setting her sights on winning the upcoming Diamond League finals, followed by the Paris Olympics next year.

Name - Shericka Jackson
Born - July 16, 1994
Place of Birth - Saint Ann, Jamaica
Nationality - Jamaican
Education - Vere Technical
Parents - Father: Desmond Jackson, Mother: Diana Llewellyn
Height - 5'8''
Weight - 130 lbs
Partner - No
Kids - No
Social Media - Instagram: @sherickajackson, Twitter: @sherickajackson


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