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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Dwayne Johnson -Net Worth 2023, Family, and Career

Dwayne Johnson is one of the most popular and well-known wrestling superstars and actors in the world. After going through many hardships and struggles, Johnson was able to make it big. He started off his career as an ambitious football player, but then switched it to that of a pro wrestler, and now is a successful actor.

Dwayne Johnson- net worth 2023


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'The Great One' of WWE is currently one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. Apart from acting, Johnson is also heavily involved in various businesses and is a majority owner of many. Dwayne Johnson's net worth stands at $820 million as of 2023.

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It includes all of his movie earnings and business earnings as well, including his 30% stake in Teremana tequila. Many even expect it to touch the $1 billion mark with the Teremana tequila valuation increasing.

Dwayne Johnson- family, kids, wife, and affairs

A family man, Johnson always holds dear the most important people in his life; be it his mother, his cousins, his wife, or his children. Dwayne Johnson loves spending time with his family and is fond of having a special time with them.

His father, Rocky Johnson, was also a pro wrestler, while his mother, Ata, belonged to the famous Anoa'i wrestling family. Thus, The Rock's heritage is linked with the respected wrestling family, and he shares his lineage with some of the popular Samoan wrestlers.

Johnson is a father to three daughters. Simone Johnson, the eldest, was born to his first wife, Dany Garcia, while his youngest two kids were born to his current wife, Lauren Hashian.

Simone Johnson followed in her father's footsteps and stepped into WWE. She is currently wrestling under the ring name 'Ava Raine', in WWE NXT 2.0.

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Growing up, The Rock did not experience luxury and did not have the pleasure of owning a proper home. However, with his current status, he lives in a mansion in Beverly Park, Los Angeles.

Dwayne Johnson’s childhood & early life

Dwayne Johnson spent his childhood in multiple places. Born in Hayward, he spent his life in New Zealand, Honolulu, Charlotte, Hamden, and Nashville.

The Rock's father was a pro wrestler and was an inspiration to him. While growing up, Johnson faced a lot of hardships and struggles. Quite often, he and his mother were thrown out of their houses for not paying the rent, or Johnson would also find himself in trouble with the law frequently.

Johnson knows what struggle is, and having experienced every bit of it, he is blessed for the life he has right now.

Later, he graduated from high school, enrolled on a full scholarship at The University of Miami, and aspired to be a professional player there. But life had other plans for him.

After not getting drafted for the NFL, Johnson flew out to Canada to play in the Canadian League. Unfortunately, two months later, he was dropped. People might wonder if Johnson has served in the army, but he has not.

During this dark phase of his career, he traced back to his roots and joined the family legacy of pro wrestling. Soon, he was roped in by WWE, where he made his debut as Rocky Maivia, a character that failed to work well. What followed was a major heel turn, and 'The Rock' the name that set well with his identity was born.

What followed were years of entertainment, Championship wins, and massive pushes he received from Vince McMahon. At this point, WWE was heading into the Attitude Era, a more rebellious stage.

Johnson rose to his peak during this era and made a name for himself. Apart from his wrestling skills, he was also known for his promo abilities and revolutionized the art of cutting promos.

The Attitude Era took The Rock to prominence, and it attracted Hollywood as well; like bees to honey. Soon, they offered him multiple projects, and in 2001, The Rock left WWE to make a career in the movies.

Dwayne Johnson’s wrestling career

A failed football career motivated The Rock to pursue pro wrestling. After his initial babyface gimmick failed, he turned heel. Johnson's heel turn was a reviving moment in his career, and after that, he never had to look back. He would reach new heights, and taste success with this new loud-mouthed, no-nonsense gimmick.

During this transition phase of his career, Pat Patterson, a father-like figure to Johnson, suggested him the name, 'The Rock'. It instantly clicked with him and has stayed with him forever since.

WWE was going through a change during that point, and his gimmick, paired alongside another rising star, Stone Cold Steve Austin, took the company to new heights, and also gave rise to a new rivalry.

Soon, The Rock would start focusing on acting and leave WWE permanently. His busy schedule came in the way of his wrestling career. It is not known how much he earned during his prime in the company. During his stint in WWE from 2011-2013, Dwayne Johnson took home $5 million on an annual basis. However, he is no anymore signed to the company but can make sporadic appearances at big events.

Dwayne Johnson’s NFL career

When it comes to NFL, Johnson did not experience a happy phase. During the early stage of his football career, The Brahma Bull was left rejected during the NFL drafts, and had to move to Canada to play football. Now he is in an entirely different league of his own.

While he does not own an NFL team yet, he is the owner of XFL. A direct competitor to NFL. XFL has set an R&D partnership with NFL, to expand the sport of football.

Dwayne Johnson’s acting career

Being one of the biggest movie stars in the world, Johnson has earned a major name for himself. Over the years, he has acted and produced some of the biggest and most popular films of all time. Although his films do not always earn critical appraisal, they do well commercially and take home the big bucks.

He started his career with The Scorpion King, and since then has gone on to star in several other big films. He has also been a part of some of the biggest film franchises, such as, 'Jumanji' and 'Fast and Furious'. Johnson is extremely successful, taking home around $100m from movies every year, and charging $20 million per movie for his acting.

1999Beyond the MatHimself
2001The Mummy ReturnsThe Scorpion King
2002The Scorpion KingMathayus / Scorpion King
2003The RundownBeck
2004Walking TallChris Vaughn
2005Be CoolElliot Wilhelm
2005DoomSgt. Asher "Sarge" Mahonin
2006Southland TalesBoxer Santaros
2006Gridiron GangSean Porter
2007Reno 911!: MiamiAgent Rick Smith
2007The Game PlanJoe Kingman
2008Get SmartAgent 23
2009Race to Witch MountainJack Bruno
2009Planet 51Captain Charles T. Baker
2010Tooth FairyDerek Thompson / Tooth Fairy
2010Why Did I Get Married Too?Daniel Franklin
2010The Other GuysChristopher Danson
2010You AgainAir Marshal
2010FasterJames Cullen / Driver
2011Fast FiveLuke Hobbs
2012Journey 2: The Mysterious IslandHank Parsons
2013SnitchJohn Matthews
2013G.I. Joe: RetaliationMarvin F. Hinton / Roadblock
2013Pain & GainPaul Doyle
2013Fast & Furious 6Luke Hobbs
2013Empire StateDetective James Ransome
2015Furious 7Luke Hobbs
2015San AndreasRay Gaines
2015Jem and the HologramsHimself
2016Central IntelligenceRobbie Weirdicht / Bob Stone
2017The Fate of the FuriousLuke Hobbs
2017BaywatchLieutenant Lifeguard Mitch Buchannon
2017Jumanji: Welcome to the JungleDr. Smolder Bravestone
2018RampageDavis Okoye
2018SkyscraperWill Sawyer
2019Fighting with My FamilyHimself
2019Hobbs & ShawLuke Hobbs
2019Jumanji: The Next LevelDr. Smolder Bravestone


Jungle Cruise

Red Notice

DC League of Super-pets

Black Adam


John Hartley


Black Adam

How many businesses does Dwayne Johnson own?

Dwayne Johnson is an extremely successful businessman and is the owner of several businesses. He owns Teremana Tequila, XFL, Seven Bucks Productions, Zoa Energy, Acorns, Athleticon, Project Rock, and Salt and Straw.

The Rock's Teremana Tequila is extremely successful and well-known. And each bottle comes in the 750ml size while costing $32 and $37 each. He is the majority shareholder in his tequila brand and owns around 30% of the brand.

What is Dwayne Johnson's workout routine?

Dwayne Johnson has one of the most impressive physiques in the entire industry, and achieving a physique like that takes a lot of dedication. Johnson dedicates 3 to 4 hours every day to his physique and trains like a beast.

He follows an extremely strict workout routine and is hard on himself to push past his limits. Johnson divides his workout routine into different days, dedicates each day to an isolated muscle group, and trains them. Dwayne Johnson loves to train at his home gym 'The Iron Paradise'. He has two such gyms, one at his home in Miami and the other at his Virginia Farm.

Dwayne Johnson memes

Being a popular public figure, Johnson is exposed to the public, and it has often led to people creating and crafting different memes of him. Some of his most popular ones are him wearing the black turtleneck sweater, and his eyebrow-raising.

The Rock's hilarious turtleneck sweater photo dates back to 1994 when he was just a young man trying to make it big, while his signature eyebrow-raise meme is from a 2019 video of his. Back in 2019, he took to his Instagram and addressed a video to the rapper, DaBaby, where he performed that look.

Many people also wonder if Johnson has a prosthetic forehead or not. A joke popularized by Kevin Hart, Johnson having a prosthetic forehead is not true. The Rock does not possess a prosthetic forehead.

Dwayne Johnson’s tattoos

Dwayne Johnson has a total of  2 tattoos. One on his right arm and chest, a signature tribal tattoo, while the other on his other arm represents The Brahma Bull. His tribal tattoo represented his heritage and legacy.

While, his Brahma Bull tattoo was his western zodiac sign of Taurus, which he later transformed into something different, which holds his life story.

Dwayne Johnson's friends

One of the most humble and down-to-earth persons in the industry, Johnson is friends with several people. However, some of his closest friends are Kevin Hart, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Emily Blunt. Over the years, he has created a strong friendship with these actors. However, even amongst these names, he has a special bond with Hart.

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Although he was once friends with Vin Diesel, Johnson, and Diesel do not see eye to eye now and this was one of the main reasons behind Johnson leaving the 'Fast & Furious Franchise'. Previously rivals with John Cena, these former WWE superstars are good friends now and share a close relationship.

The Rock is also related to 'The Tribal Chief' Roman Reigns since both of them belong to the same Anoa'i family.

The Rock Foundation

A kind man, Johnson is heavily involved in donations and charities. He is one of the most charitable figures in the world and has a foundation called Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation. It assists in the recovery of children who are hospitalized for different causes.


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In addition to that, it also works on education and childhood obesity prevention programs. The Rock is also a big part of the Make-A-Wish foundation.

He fights and has given efforts in preventing Parkinson's Disease and AIDS.  Johnson also supports AIDS & HIV, At-Risk/Disadvantaged Youths, Cancer, Children, Creative Arts, Disaster Relief, Education, Grief Support, Health, Human Rights, Parkinson's Disease, and Veteran/Service Member Support.

In a nutshell, Johnson is a true role model coming such a long way in his eventful life.


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NameDwayne Johnson
Net Worth$820 Million
Birthday May 2, 1972
Born InHayward, California, USA
SchoolPresident William McKinley High School, Glencliff High School, McGavock High School, and Freedom High School in Bethlehem Township
CollegeThe University of Miami
HometownHayward California
Height6ft 5in
ParentsAta Johnson (mother), Rocky Johnson (father)
WifeLauren Hashian (Married 2019)