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‘Taking Neuer to the World Cup is a Risk’: Kahn

‘Taking Neuer to the World Cup is a Risk’: Kahn

Former Germany goalkeeper Oliver Kahn believes that taking Manuel Neuer to the World Cup is a ‘gigantic risk’ for Germany.

Germany manager Joachim Low included Neuer’s name among his four goalkeepers in his preliminary World Cup squad. This was despite the fact that the 32-year-old was injured for a while.

Neuer has not played a single game since suffering a serious foot injury back in September. However, he is set to be named in Bayern Munich‘s squad for Saturday’s final against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Low wanted to give Neuer a chance to prove his fitness. But Euro 1996 winner Kahn says that Neuer should not start at the World Cup. He cited the lack of game time that he has had this season.

Oliver Kahn

‘To judge it finally, I should have to see him in the daily training work,’ Kahn said.

‘But it is actually impossible and unthinkable, that he can make a good performance.

‘But because of his achievements in the past, he is trusted to do so, it was right for Low to take him with him and see him.

‘Even if he plays two international matches, it is still a gigantic risk that everyone has to be aware of and he has to ask himself: is it really worthwhile to play a World Cup after a break of eight months? A blatant decision he has to make.’

One of Neuer’s biggest rivals for Germany’s gloves is Marc-Andre ter Stegen. The 26-year old has developed into a quality goalkeeper at Barcelona.

‘He has managed to prevail at Barcelona, that alone is a great achievement,’ Kahn said.

‘In the national team it was a hard journey for him, he started with many mistakes. That means he did not have the self-confidence at the time.

‘The Confederations Cup, which he has played with stability, and the experience of Barcelona, means he is fully arrived and fully accepted.

‘This is another stage than at the beginning of his national team career. I’m not worried if he has to play the World Cup.’

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