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Talking Points: India vs Pakistan

Talking Points: India vs Pakistan

With India’s win in today’s match it extends their unbeaten streak against Pakistan in World Cups to 11 matches, 5 times in the World T20 only. With the enormous hype around the game and the electric atmosphere, the match proved to be a complete blockbuster. Here are the 5 talking points from tonight’s game:

The Incessant Showers

India's Hardik Pandya dives to take a catch to dismiss Pakistan's Sharjeel Khan (Courtesy: cricinfo.com)
India’s Hardik Pandya dives to take a catch to dismiss Pakistan’s Sharjeel Khan
(Courtesy: cricinfo.com)

From 5 pm today, the rains had become an on again off again affair. They threatened to disrupt the match altogether or at least dampen the spirits but thankfully they did stop somewhere after 7 pm and the match was able to commence at 8 pm. The tie was reduced to 18 overs a side with certain bowling limitations to entail a contest that did not lose its sheen or hype because of the rains. The credit also has to go to the Eden Gardens support staff for doing a real proactive job and providing ample drainage and drying facilities. The ironic part was that even after so much rains the pitch turned out to be a dry square turner.

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