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Tatiana Calderon-“You are Obliged to do Formula Two”

Tatiana Calderon-“You are Obliged to do Formula Two”

Tatiana Calderon

Sauber‘s test driver Tatiana Calderon, who had her first ride of the team’s Formula 1 car earlier last week, said that to get to the F1, players were obligated to have their share of Formula 2. “Driving the Sauber C37 today was an incredible experience,” said Tatiana Calderon.

“The power, braking and grip of this car are unbelievable, and I felt very comfortable on track”, she said. “After a few laps, you start getting used to the speed, and I had lots of fun”, added the Colombian native.

“If you want to go to Formula One you now are obliged to do Formula Two as well”, said Tatiana Calderon. She also said that she would like to take part in it, and said that the scenario would suit her very well. “I’ve been always watching those races and to be honest they’re some of the best races, I would really like to have a go. I think it’s a car that could suit me with the pit stops”, said Tatiana.Tatiana Calderon

“I’ve been struggling more with qualifying and I think in Formula Two you have a chance maybe if you don’t do that well in quali so hopefully that would be the case”, she added. Despite her clear intentions and eagerness to move to the Formula 2, she said that nothing has been finalized yet. However, she says that its all positive in the team right now regarding the decision.

“We’re still waiting and organising but I would love to do Formula Two,” said the Columbian driver“To start testing after Abu Dhabi end of the season race would be amazing”, she continued. “We are putting everything together. The budget depends with which team you go [to]. There is quite a lot but our intention is to really go for Formula Two”, she added.


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