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Being a Teammate to Alonso will be Difficult – De La Rosa

Being a Teammate to Alonso will be Difficult – De La Rosa


Former McLaren test driver, Pedro de la Rosa has weighed in on the rumours of Carlos Sainz Jr moving to the team. While a number of Spanish fans will love an all Spanish lineup, de la Rosa does not think so an Alonso and Sainz partnership will work.

Carlos Sainz Jr and Fernando Alonso are very good friends and the former has been linked to McLaren for 2019.

Speaking on the matter, the 47-year old thinks that it would be better if they were not together.

Although he has never partnered the double world champion, he admitted that being his teammate is very difficult. To that end, he would be more comfortable with any other driver except Carlos. He would prefer that some one else suffers in his place. Instead he suggested that Carlos gather more experience before facing someone of Alonso’s calibre.

Could Alonso and Sainz be teammates?

Additionally, he stated that in the event that Renault drops Sainz there is no need to worry. According to de la Rosa, the Spaniard still has a future in F1.

“If Renault makes the mistake of letting Carlos go, he has still earned his place in F1,” de la Rosa said.

Speaking in a broader sense, the former McLaren driver has predicted that the championship fight will be closely fought. His comments come inspite of the fact that Lewis Hamilton is miles ahead in the championship lead.

“Mercedes is winning where Ferrari should, so the great drama for Vettel is that despite having the best car he has 24 points less,” said de la Rosa.

According to him, the season is long and he has a feeling that everything will be decided over details at the last race. So the big question is, what does the future hold for Carlos Sainz Jr? will he remain with Renault or will he move to McLaren?

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