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Teams that Dominated an Entire Formula 1 Season

Teams that Dominated an Entire Formula 1 Season

Teams in Formula 1 spend millions of dollars trying to get a competitive car that can win races and titles. But even in such a competitive environment, some teams find a way to dominate over others.

Mercedes have been one such team, showing finest performance over the recent two seasons. With Mercedes wrapping up the Constructors already this year, here we look at some of the teams that completely dominated an entire Formula 1 season( in no particular order), winning both the constructor’s and the driver’s title in impressive fashion.

5. Mercedes (2014)

The Mercedes duo fighting for the race lead. Credits – Getty Images

Mercedes proved their strength with the coming of the new 1.6L V6 engines in 2014 and won an impressive 16 out of the 19 races on the Formula 1 calendar.

Their engines were far more competitive than any other on the grid and Mercedes were bested only by Red Bull and that too to Daniel Ricciardo due to reliability issues on the Mercedes cars.

Lewis Hamilton won the driver’s title ahead of teammate Rosberg with the title fight going to the last race with Ricciardo a distant third in the final standings. In the end, Hamilton won 11 races while Rosberg won only 5.

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