Teams Which Are Worth Visiting Bangladesh For A Test Series Triumph

September 5, 2017 11:44 am

Bangladesh, internationally reckoned as a weak nation in terms of cricketing tussle recently on their jaunt to establish themselves in a brawny shell at least on their home soil. If you walk back few years to gauge their game playing, you can very easily comprehend the transformation they have embraced as a whole. Their last year’s triumphant stint against England in an away series sort of commenced their staying out of the bubble. Later on, their above quest got a historical remark when they thrashed down Lankan pride by knocking them off on their home soil.


Bangladesh sits ninth out of ten on the International Cricket Council’s men’s Test Team Rankings but that low position does not illustrate the huge strides they have made as a five-day side in recent times. Their two back to back away victories are sufficient to ink down their depth in test cricket. And now they are on their verge of inscribing another historical stint against Australia that too in their home soil after 11 years.

The denouement of the first test against Australia has already spotted a block letter mention in the history as they knocked out Australia for the first time ever. It is indeed a colossal feat achieved by Bangladesh cricket. Pondering on the same victory former batsman Dean Jones expressed, “(Bangladesh) might have been underperformers until a couple of years ago but they are a real deal now, especially in their own backyard.”

Pondering on the prospect of any teams who appears to be capable of bestowing the Bangladeshi dug out with a shadow of a defeat in test format that too on Bangladeshi soil, very few make its way to the concern. Digging into the test ranking of countries the first name come to one’s mind is the formidable Indian side who have been occupying the current champion’s hot seat but following that the only name pops up to your head is South Africa. As England, Australia and Sri Lanka already have gone toppled out of the race, the only sides remain except India and South Africa are New Zealand, Pakistan and West Indies. This clique of available nations for competing Bangladesh on their home soil needs to be analysed on the basis of their past performance in test cricket.

South Africa:


As for South Africa, this could be another hardship endeavor as they have already been running out of form in terms of test cricketing concerns. Not only that but their recent loss against Australia sort of put them into the threshold of a downslide, hence their prospect of rattling Bangladesh off on their home soil would definitely be a hard task provided the momentum they have been gaining in every single passing day.

New Zealand:

New Zealand could throw a gamble here as they are pretty much boosted with confidence from their previous daddy win over South Africa although it was a drawn conclusion but for Kiwis point of view this was the moment from where they started inking down their high headed stroll in test cricket, hence considering their depth in the Test team, it seems their side could throw a good competition to Bangladesh side in their own yard provided their previous brawl against Bangladesh where they stood themselves out as victorious.

West Indies:

Now contemplating the Carribean side into sight, this combat could provide a benchmark for the test cricketing contest as both are evolving in their own stature provided their recent ongoing stint against England and Australia. In both circumstance they already proved their prominence skating on the ice. Hence a contest between these two nation would definitely give a birth to a brand new dawn of Test cricket where two almost drowned nations would stand close to the wind.


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Here comes the neighborly relation into play as Pakistan and India both are strolling in the pipeline to unleash their cricketing onslaught against Bangladesh in their own yard. For Pakistan’s perspective, it’s been long that they have been striving for a test series with neighboring countries like India and Pakistan but because of the political tensions between nations they are miserably failing to do so, otherwise, it could be a great Test cricket brawl provided their previous triumphant stint against West Indies.


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On the other end, the biggest match for Bangladeshi cricket would be against Indian cricket who has been spotting themselves at the top of the table embracing the streak of unconquerable in the sphere of Test Cricket worldwide. Comparing their previous outing against each other Bangladesh cricket embraced a heavy defeat, losing by 208 runs, but there is a lot for Bangladesh to take from it. They remained positive on the field even as India racked up 687/7. They then batted for 128 overs to reach 388 all out, with Mushfiqur Rahim scoring an excellent 127. India has won this match by a massive margin, but they were made to work for it. For Bangladesh to push the number one ranked Test team into the last day and make them have to fight for a win is a creditable result at this point in their development. No Test team has been competitive quickly, and Bangladesh is no different. But after years of stagnation, they are finally moving in the right direction. Hence a test cricket contest between these two nations is definitely worth happening as their transformation could well be reflected while they would be playing the best side in the test cricketing world.

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