Teaser Suggests PlayStation 5 UI Reveal Will Happen Soon

October 13, 2020 4:23 pm

There is now just one month left before the PlayStation 5 makes its way into the hands of the customers. Of course, it will only reach them considering the pre-orders are delivered on time. Although, this still is an exciting time for everyone considering the era of next-gen gaming is about to kick-off. So far, Sony has revealed everything about the console’s hardware specs, backwards compatibility, price, exclusive titles, etc. Now, in its latest teaser, Sony is pointing towards a UI reveal for the PS5.

Of all the major information about the PS5, the UI is the only one still under the wraps. Fortunately, the latest teaser revealed by PlayStation has an update regarding the same. It shows a possible collaboration with Burger King too, where the BK mascot opens a bag containing something luminescent inside that emits the possible PlayStation 5 startup sound.

Take a look at the official teaser below.

PlayStation 5 startup sequence and sound revealed

Moreover, it is the same as the sound showcased in a previously leaked PS5 UI video. Not only does this confirm that the leak was accurate but also shows how different the startup sequence and sound have been over the years.

At the end of the teaser, the October 15 date appears on the screen. This could be the day that PlayStation officially unveils its UI to the world. On the other hand, it could also be the day they officially announce their collaboration with Burger King. Best-case scenario, both are announced together.

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This is indeed an exciting time for the fans. The reason being that the next-gen UI is one of the defining factors in delivering the console’s complete experience. It will showcase the ease-of-access of the PS5, its startup time, new features, and more. Additionally, it may even showcase the PlayStation 5 version of ‘Quick Resume’, a feature that Xbox Series X boasts of.

So far, PlayStation has cleared all the doubts regarding its next-gen upgrades, backwards compatible titles, etc. With the UI reveal, all the major announcements hopefully come in full-circle. Eventually, all that would remain is the console to reach the end-user. Although, Sony is yet to announce a list of expandable storage drives compatible with the PS5, too. Hopefully, an announcement will be made closer to the launch date.

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