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The Template for Test Cricket has Been Set – Nasser Hussain

The Template for Test Cricket has Been Set – Nasser Hussain

Former England captain Nasser Hussain has praised India skipper Virat Kohli’s batting in the first Test. However, he questioned the latter’s captaincy, according to him, Kohli should take some responsibility for the 31-run loss.

“Kohli was phenomenal in this game. He deserved to be on the winning side for the way he played with the tail. He singlehandedly brought India back into the Test match. I do think he should take some of the responsibility for the loss, though,” Hussain said.

According to the 50-year old, even with England at 87-7 with Curran and Adil Rashid at the crease, India lost control of the match. He suggested that Kohli look back on his captaincy and introspect.

With the willow, Kohli was a lone warrior by scoring 149 and 51 in the game. Meanwhile, the wickets were simply tumbling around him.

Nasser Hussain
Nasser Hussain

Hussain continued, “A lot of times nowadays we see one side get ahead in Test matches and series and then the other doesn’t seem capable of fighting back. This match has switched one way and then the other.”

He also felt that the Dukes ball also contributed to the excitement. The former captain also showered praises on rookie England all-rounder Sam Curran. Curran came through for England with both bat and ball in only his second Test.

Hussain truly believes that Curran helped England win this game. Even though Kohli got 200 runs, it was the 20-year old Curran who swung the momentum in England’s favour. Hussain dubbed it a phenomenal achievement for the youngster.

After his maiden game there were likely several doubts surrounding the player’s ability. Could he move it enough and was he a proper batsman. Hussain always believed in ‘picking someone on their character more than what they are showing in county cricket’. With that, he felt that Curran displayed plenty of character.

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