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Tennessee Titans Stadium Catches Fire, But is Handled Quickly

Tennessee Titans Stadium Catches Fire, But is Handled Quickly

There was a minor scare for the Tennessee Titans NFL team, as a fire erupted in their stadium. The cause of the fire was a piece of pyrotechnics equipment, which inexplicably caught fire.

One of the flame-throwing boxes tipped over toward the stands, setting the turf on fire. At the time, the Titans were celebrating the jersey retirements of former players Steve McNair and Eddie George.

The good news was that nobody was injured and the stadium officials and staff, snuffed out the flames quickly.

After some well-timed use of the fire extinguishers, they threw sand on the pyrotechnic equipment, to mitigate the damage.

“There was a mechanical failure by one of the pyrotechnic devices which resulted in a fire,” the Tennessee Titans later said in a statement. “The vendor will be required by the state of Tennessee to undergo an inspection for the defective device and the others that were used to determine the final cause.”

It was fortunate that the flames were dealt with quickly, as the game against the Indianapolis Colts, was starting shortly. Unfortunately, the players themselves were not as flaming hot, as they lost 17-19.

Tennessee Titans quarterback, Marcus Mariota, was rueing a number of missed opportunities for his side. The offense was the most disappointing, as Titans got the ball back on their own 28-yard line with a chance to win it, but things did not go to plan.

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