Andy Murray Warns His Mother Judy Murray Over an Instagram Gaffe

January 16, 2020 3:32 am

The three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray and this mother Judy Murray engaged in a humorous activity on social media. As a consequence, Murray landed up embarrassing his mother. Judy took a few mandarin oranges and she clustered the fruits in such a manner that it spelled the word “HELLO”. Later she posted on Instagram with a caption, “How to say HELLO in mandarin”.

It seemed that 60-year-old Judy Murray was not comfortable with technology as she did not grow up with cellphones. The image posted was cropped with just ‘ELL’ letters visible in the post. With Judy’s innocence towards Instagram’s visual platform, Andy Murray explained her error via a comment and simultaneously warned her.

Andy Murray Trolling His Mother

Hi, mum … you’ve done it again,” Murray commented. “Instagram is a visual platform so if you post a picture with half the content cut out it doesn’t work. You will get less likes and people will unfollow you, probably a wise decision on their part. This just looks like a few mandarins scattered on a table … I wouldn’t want people to think you’re a mad old lady. Please try and do better. Love from your baby boy. PS this is your final warning before I unfollow.”

Judy’s reply to Andy

Later Judy Murray posted the same picture with perfect dimensions and she concurrently replied to her son. “Ok. So I post part pictures regularly. This is especially for my younger son who always points out my shortcomings. How to say HELLO in Mandarin,” she posted.

Andy’s withdrawal from the Australian Open 2020

Before the 2020 season began, World Number 127 Andy Murray withdrew from ATP Cup and Australian Open 2020. During the off-season, Murray had plans to train in Miami but he had to cancel those sessions due to groin injury. “I’ve worked so hard to get myself into a situation where I can play at the top level and I’m gutted I’m not going to be able to play,” Murray stated back-then. His groin injury has been persisting from Davis Cup Finals 2019 in Madrid.

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