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Australian Open 2020: Roger Federer Feels Ball Tends to Slow Down as the Match Progresses

Australian Open 2020: Roger Federer Feels Ball Tends to Slow Down as the Match Progresses

After easing past American tennis player Steve Johnson in the first round of the 2020 Australian Open, Roger Federer talked about the court conditions.

While Federer said that the court was playing fast initially, he felt it would slow down after a few games.

“I think balls play fast when they are new, a ball change for a couple of games, depending on who you play, how long the rallies are right then,” he said as per a video obtained from Australian Open TV on YouTube. “But I’d say two to four games it can play faster.

“But the balls fluff up extremely quickly here when you do get into long rallies. And I feel night sessions or indoor or on a cool day like what we will see in the next week, actually play quite slow. It is what it is, you know.

“But I think it depends on how you play maybe also and how you manage your game and what kind of opponent you have, for all sorts of playing styles, I guess.”

Roger Federer has not played recently

Coming into 2020 as No. 3 in the world, Federer opted out of the first ATP tour of the year to spend time with his family before what is expected to be a busy 2020.

He started the first Grand Slam of the year with a comfortable 6-3, 6-2, 6-2 win over Johnson. The Swiss maestro admitted that his lack of match practice will mean he might take a few more rounds before getting his into full swing.

Roger Federer

“I just haven’t played proper matches in many, many weeks, and a lot of guys, probably 95 per cent of the guys are coming here with matches,” Federer said.

“So I’m not one of those guys. Now I have one. Best of five, too, which is even better.

“So I think for me really the first three rounds are key to get going, to get used to the pressure, stay calm, when to save breakpoint or 30-All points or whatever it may be or just to stay calm if you’re down a set and a break or whatever it might be.”

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