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“One of the Nicest on the World Tour:” Rafael Nadal Heaps Praises of the Crowd at Australian Open

“One of the Nicest on the World Tour:” Rafael Nadal Heaps Praises of the Crowd at Australian Open

Rafael Nadal

Beginning his quest for the 20th Grand Slam title in an illustrious career at the 2020 Australian Open, Rafael Nadal talked about why he loves the tournament.

“Everything,” said Nadal when Mark Baretta of the 7News network asked him what he loves about the Australian Open. Praising the organisation, Nadal said the infrastructure in Australia was “one of the best in the world.

The Spaniard also heaped praises the crowd in Australia, quoting them as passionate yet respectful.

“The Australian crowd is fantastic,” he said. “They understand the sport, they respect the players. They are passionate, but at the same time, they are respectful. I enjoy playing a lot in front of this crowd. One of the nicest on the world tour.

“I enjoy all the things in this event.”

Rafael Nadal- going strong at 33

Nadal will start as one of the favorites to win the first Grand Slam of the year. Prior to the start of the tournament, Nadal was asked about the secret being fit at the age of 33 in a press conference.

Rafael Nadal

“No secret at all,” he replied as per ATP. “There is only about passion, about love for the game, and being able to stay positive in the tough moments.”

“It’s true that I went through some tough situations during all my career. But I was able to always, with probably the positive attitude and with the right people around, they were key, I was able to find a way to keep going.”

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“For my style of game, as a lot of people said, my career should be little bit shorter. But here we are. Happy for that. Even for me, it is a big surprise to be where I am at my age.

“Happy for everything. Just enjoying the situation.”

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